Advanced Fur Shader

Fast, lush and shaggy. Grass that can move in the breeze and fur that can react to movement. Fibres that can be brushed to favour a growth direction. All in a single surface shader. Paint grass on a hill or shave a monster.

For more examples and development thread visit

Documentation coming soon to

As always this asset will continue to be improved frequently.

Super stoked to see this submitted! Congrats and great work!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile: There’s still a lot I want to do with it but people are keen on that grass, so for now out it goes! I expect there’ll be updates every couple of weeks for a while.

Im definitely buying this!
Any ETA on when it would potentially possibly maybe hit the marketplace?

It’s being reviewed now, so hopefully shortly!

Hi @Antidamage

Very interesting.
Parallax Occlusion Material? It’s Shells and Fins using intercaled planes?

What is it? It is a C++ Plugin or Blueprint and material interaction?

You are a Genius?


It’s a parallax occlusion material with some changes to the base parallax expression to allow for skewing/brushing of the fibres. And I’m no genius.

Just had some suggestions from the marketplace reviewer so there’s a couple of changes to make before it goes out.

Hi @Antidamage

This will be a good alternative.
The price will be afordable in the marketplace?

And one more question! You have abandoned that very good procedural clouds project using noise expressions? I found a fantastic cloud examples in the Shooter Game Example :slight_smile:


It will be $99, so comparable to a per-game yearly subscription of the nearest similar asset.

The cloud shader is on hiatus while i work on this. There’s a lot more work involved there and I’m figuring out the best balance of post-process, hull and pre-baked clouds. One thing I’ve started to add but haven’t finished yet is a cloud baker so you don’t have to handle it all in realtime.

Not to derail this thread, but it would be nice if Cloud thing were to be built with mobile / mobile VR in mind :o

When it comes to current gen mobile you want to go with a fully opaque sky texture. Per-pixel translucency is so bad on mobile that you’re better off avoiding it for anything except hero assets. For example you can use the default skysphere with the animated clouds on mobile but the performance is pretty bad.

In that case you’re better off using photoshop or even something like Vue or Houdini to make some gorgeous skies. :slight_smile:

Update: asset is in the queue for release!

I suppose I should mention that the fur shader is out and will go on sale on Sunday!

Also, a lot of people have been asking for a better video demonstrating its use. Here’s a a work in progress video I did tonight while I finish setting up this model:

Hey everyone

I’ve just submitted an update to the asset. It fixes a number of visual glitches and adds some more sample content and a couple more presets. Notably it now includes a properly set up furry animal example. I’ll be doing a tutorial video shortly showing exactly how to set up fur on a character or animal and how to get the best results.

I just remembered that I have a video of the wolf up as well.

It’s on my to-do list to rig and animate an animal example, so keep checking back!

Hey guys! Just dropping a note that during the summer sale all of my assets are on sale for 90% off. If you’ve been holding out for a sale this will be the last opportunity this year to buy them at a reduced price.

Get them here:

A recent video driver update has managed to pick up on a mistake I made in a custom expression, causing the fur shader to crash the video drivers when used on a skeletal mesh.

I’ve just sent an update through to Epic to fix this issue. I know a couple of you ran into this almost immediately (thanks for the heads up by the way).

The fix is now live, thanks Epic.

The next feature update will be released shortly as well. This update features PBR-texture-based fibres:

To use it enable “PBR Texture” under the Colour section. Then make a texture using red=specular green=translucency blue=roughness. The ChromaTiger preset has this option enabled with an example set up.

There’s also a new “Generate Normals” option under Fibres, so that you can still see fibre detail in the shiny areas. I found that this helps a lot with spreading more light into the fur, so you may need to reduce your translucency.

I still get crashes on skeletal meshes. I clicked add to project and I’m not sure if there was something else I should have done. Do I have to set it up for the specific Mesh?
Also how would I get the map to ease from bald areas to furry ones?

Yeah so Epic hasn’t released the update as they said they’d done. Kind of ridiculous. I’m on top of it.