Advanced elevator blueprint

There are a lot of good elevator tutorials on the internet.
Nevertheless i got a few requests for my elevator blueprint.
Therefore i release it as community gift.
Do whatever you want with it.

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Project version 4.11

Audio from
(for audio license details see “Elevator\Content\BP_Interact\Elevator\Audio”)
Meshes by me


hello, thanks for sharing this awesome projects :)), may i know how to change the value of elevator ? in this awesome project, it use 10 floor, which it starts from 0-9, i want to change it into 1-4, i tried to change many value on the blueprints, but i cant find it, hope u can help me, thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t get the elevator to work. How do I press the buttons?

@jeff : point the red dot to the elevator button, and press E

Very impressive!

This should be very easy:

yeap, i know it already, i mean , the floor counter(number with red dot)

it always start with 0,in my project, my ground floor is floor 1, so how to change it? so it will be start from floor 1 up to floor 4 :slight_smile: like this :slight_smile:

That’s a very nice share.
Thank you for that.
I am always interested, how basic mechanics are working and it’s always cool to see how others are doing stuff.

This start-with-floor-1-change changes the math and complicates calculations.
It´s not difficult, but you need to add 1 to many nodes and subtract floor height on floor 0, etc.

Quick solution: Move floor 0 under your ground and clamp the selected floor to 1 - 9 :wink:

Gave it a quick look and i use 4.10 and editor view is pure black, no map loaded, it seems.
BP is working, after dragging into scene.
Only want to give feedback.

The project ist 4.11
I updated the first post.

@, oh lol, yeah, its work too :D, thank u very much for sharing this ur awesome projects :D, i ll learn how basic mechanics are working with it later, for now i just use it for my student projects,because the deadline is too closed… once more .thank u very much. im not good with english, and also im not from american or europe, im just an asian who try to communicate with others, im sorry if i ask to much or something else. cuz i was frustated about creating an elevator for my student project :DD

No problem.
Good luck with your project!

hello, its great work, nice job :), but may i ask something ? when i used third person template and i drop the blueprints into the project,the red dot pointer is work, but it wont work when i try to press the button at lift button Although i use interactgamemode, can u help me how to use that in 3rd person project base?

Delete the default ThirdPersonCharacter in the Startup map, because otherwise Unreal will use this player instead of the InteractPlayer.

How complicated is it, to get a waypointbased ai to use such a system?

My buildings have both: An elevator for the player and stairs for the AI.
I don´t know how to program an AI or a waypoint system.

that is really cool. thank you for that

this is amazing. thank you so much!

Good to see that people download it from here and
don´t buy it from

I don´t know who put this on marketplace.