Additional Textures for Tile Sets

Hi there,

I’m working on a 2D platformer using Paper2D. I created a sprite material based on MaskedLitSpriteMaterial which makes use of “Additional Textures”. In the most simple cases I just assign a normal map to the first slot and everything works fine, as long as I work with sprites. However, I did not find any possibility to assign additional textures to Tile Maps/Tile Sets even though it is possible to select a material when creating Tile Sets.
Strangely enough, when I create a new dynamic material instance for an individual Tile Map and set the parameter “SpriteAdditionalTexture_0” to the appropriate texture (i.e. the normal map of the Tile Set’s texture) it works as expected. Each tile of the tilemap gets mapped to the respective tile of the normal map. So there doesn’t really seem to be a technical constraint.

Did I just miss the setting or is it not possible to add parameters/textures to tilemaps via GUI?

If anybody knows, I would appreciate very much!

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I am also wondering about this.
I´ve applied a normal map to a sprite, but i´d like to apply a specular and AO to it.