Adding UV to Procedural Mesh


i’m trying to create procedural meshes. I found a cool tutorial here to start with creating them [in the wiki][1]

With some adaptations I was able to create a Hexagon as you can see here:


Now I have problems to display a assigned material. I managed to assign the material in the following way:

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UMaterial> Material(TEXT("Material'/Game/StarterContent/Materials/M_Ground_Grass.M_Ground_Grass'"));

if (Material.Object != NULL)
	UMaterial* TheMaterial = (UMaterial*)Material.Object;
	mesh->SetMaterial(0, TheMaterial);

The Result is


so I think I can assume that this process was successful, but the mesh looks exactly the same as displayed in the first Image above.

I did some Research and found this thread: [Generate Procedural Mesh - C++ Programming - Unreal Engine Forums][4]

There it was said that the UV’s may be the problem. My current way of adding the UV’s is

TArray<FVector2D> UV0;
for (int i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
	UV0.Add(FVector2D(0, 0));
	UV0.Add(FVector2D(0, 10));
	UV0.Add(FVector2D(10, 10));

[Answer #35][5] may be the solution to my problem but I’m not really able to understand what they have done.
Is someone out there who can help me with that problem step by step? If it is necessary I can post more code.

Thanks in advance!