Adding colour breaks lighting.

I’m at a loss of trying to fix this, everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked.

The scene lighting is set up for ArchViz (similar settings that koola uses).

If the scene has no textures (just a white colour on everything) it’s fine.

As soon as I add a texture…lighting breaks.

Images show what I mean, the textures were created using quixel suite.

Light conservation - I had this issue when I first started. Basically the material you have for the floor is a dark material, and isn’t bouncing enough light. Try a lighter material and play with the roughness values. :wink:

See how the room is being lit the same color as the floor? The indirect lighting is bouncing and the floor is absorbing the light :wink:

Thanks for the reply, I played around with the material, made it lighter, however I’m getting this wired colour shift (it was a lot worse, but as I moved the texture colour closer to white, it got better), is there a way to offset it?

Also, this is kind of related, I’ve fixed pretty much all of the light bouncing, but I’m getting some colour/light bleeding through walls.

This is built on production lighting, it’s worse at lower levels. The meshes are fully closed boxes (does them same when I had the tops/bottoms deleted).

Although the will be a mesh placed on the walls so you won’t really see the bleeding, I would still like to be able to fix this.