Actor Worldspace Location to Material Sphere Mask Coordinate

I’ve had no problem using a component’s local space within a blueprint to translate to material coordinates to place a sphere mask, but referencing something in world space to do the same isn’t working, do I need to do something in particular to make it work? I’ve tried running the vector parameter through a transform node with various combinations, but no luck.

You shouldn’t need to do anything to make it work, just realize the units of scale will be totally different. Ie maybe before a tiny radius shows up but now you need a bigger radius.

Just pass over the sphere location as a vector parameter in the MID with world location directly. Then in the material you reference worldposition as spheremask input A and your parameter as B. And then make sure the radius is nice and big at first since it could possibly be inside of your object and tiny.

The radius being too small was the issue! Thanks so much, you’re my hero!