Activate Light On One Among Multiple Actors

Hello !

What I’m trying to achieve is to GET one SPAWNED actor among the others same actors and activate his light in blueprints with cast… Or other ways to get the “instance” of the actor !

It’s a flash effect and I can’t make it working, I have a workaround that works but it activate the other actor’s light at the same time !


Voyder R.

You can try to give the actors an index when spawning. Then, to get this specific actor, use get all actors of class (wich is your actorclass). You can then use “get” from this node and with your index you should be able cast to this specific actor.

I have to confess that I could go to my other question… And give a boolean to my actors… Thank you anyway for your answer ! That can help other people in trouble ! :slight_smile:

EDIT : well… What I did say before was not true ! Your answer helped me more than giving my other question a chance ! Thank you ! :smiley: