Action RPG Inventory System

@OverRated_AU thanks for posting that.

Also I will probably be releasing the update that switches all the breaks to use set members in STRUCT when 4.12 is out. I will as usual post the instructions on how to do it yourself in your own project.

When 4.12 is out I will be removing support from 4.10 on the store. 4.10 was such a bad release. 4.11 will be the new base version for updates until down the line in future versions when significant changes need to be made.

So to recap, when 4.12 is released 4.11-4.12 will be the versions available on the store. I don’t plan to remove 4.11 as the base version for awhile.

Thanks @Pirate @OverRated_AU

[FONT=Arial Black]Your support was very appreciated.

The FPS control will be very useful in my third person game. Thanks

**About interactive text
I haven’t managed to make the interactive text appear when I approach the items. Yes, I added the post process in Player Character camera. The only thing that appears is the outline.

One more thing. How I change the crosshair position? Currently it is right in the middle and overlapped with player character making difficult interacting with objects.


**Hey Pirate.

Thanks Pirate; ToxinGaming:)



Please @Pirate

The inventory was deployed (merged) in my framework. Only works when I press the “I” key, but the inventory does not appears when I press the TAB as shown in FPS tutorial above, appears only the mouse cursor.

I followed your tutorial more than five times. And still not are showing up the inventory or the floating text over object container, interactive or collectible object. I sent an email.

Thank you for your attention

If “I” works, then you can just add a new Input Key node for TAB and connect it to the same function the “I” calls in your Player Controller.

Hey @ToxinGaming

[FONT=Arial Black]Thank you for your interest in wanting to help

I’ve already tried this that you said. It was the first thing I did. It’s not so simple, because of the way the inventory was programmed to open and close UMG widgets. I’ve done a great thing sending various commands from the standard player character to player controler which manages almost all inventory and character movements-action in this inventory framework to stay as near as possible the way things were done in the demo map.

The ‘I’ key continues working very nice, but the Tab key shows only mouse cursor and blocks the player movements but any inventory is showed, even linked in the same custom events and functions linked in ‘I’ key

There are many blueprint interfaces, custon events and layered functions to perform such action, I’m not a programmer!

I can not say that the inventory does not work, because it works. BUT works flawless only using The Demo map! especially when addressing the question about floating interactive text over objects and FPS Tutorial shown above.

Something was removed from the code when he, Pirate in the Youtube Video teaches how to migrate the project. And I can not figure out!

[FONT=Arial Black]-luny

Post a picture of your TAB input key node in your blueprint. I can help more if I had that information.

Thanks again ToxinGaming

Ok, I will send as soon, I am arriving in my Studio.

But there is not much to see, because it is exactly as shown in the FPS Invetory tutorial.
I follow it for more than 5 times since the beginning.


Hello Luny, As stated in the email I sent you earlier I have been without internet as I am still in the process of moving and finding a decent place to live. I have explained what you need to do to get the interact text migrated.

To move the cross hair simply go into the HUD class and change where it draws. This is setup just like the First Person Project Epic provides.

The TAB key is also hardcoded by Epic. You need to edit the .ini files to remove this engine binding in your project if you don’t want it focusing UMG.

I am sorry you are not happy with the support you received so far and I would be more than happy to ensure epic provides you with your full refund.

I would also like to mention that the issues you are running into in your own project are very basic things. There is a reason why the interact text was excluded from the tutorial. This was to save time and because as stated in the video you just need to simply add in the interact fuctions and add the nodes that were skipped in the function for the clients get useable actor loop. No one else has had issues of your magnitude and that is why I haven’t created a short tutorial for this.

Sent from my phone.

Thanks again @Pirate @ToxinGaming

About FPS Inventory Mode

It does not works with the Left ALT key also
I follow it for more than 5 times since the beginning.

[FONT=Arial Black]As promised

[FONT=Arial Black]ONE “Conventional method: Press I to OPEN UI” (In ‘Player Controller’)
shows opening conventionally the inventory by pressing “I”

[FONT=Arial Black]TWO “To OPEN UI in FPS Mode” (In ‘Player Controller’)
Open UI in FPS Mode by pressing Alt Key

[FONT=Arial Black]THREE ‘SetUIMode’ Function to FPS UI Mode (In ‘Player Controller’)
Inside the Function Used as Node in image above.

[FONT=Arial Black]FOUR (In ‘Player Controller’)
Setup HUD to Open in FPS UI Mode “old function changed to new ‘SetUIMode’ Function”

[FONT=Arial Black]FIVE (In ‘InventoryManagerComponent’)
New Custom Event “Event_SetUIMode” added in “InventoryManagerComponent” to OPEN-CLOSE FPS UI Mode


Perhaps not everyone has noticed or are needing this resource. But Does not would be more easier to get into contact and provide some supporte? Even after the first time I tried to communicate with you. And I’m still not sure how to add this feature in the way like you said. “…you just need to simply add in the interact fuctions and add the nodes that were skipped in the function for the clients get useable actor loop.”

[FONT=Arial Black]
thanks for Crosshair!
Now I can adjusting the Crosshair position in the screen with more precision, just changing values inside HUD Class. It’s more easier and better, that adjust the third persons Player’s camera like shown in the Youtube tutorial and putting the springarm out of adjustment, every time.


All your Left Alt button does is change the UI mode, it doesn’t actually call the functions to open your inventory.

If you want to test your Left Alt to open your inventory, put in a Custom Event and attach it to the same branch in your first picture. Then call your new Custom Event after the Set UI Mode node in your second picture.

Hello, having a slight issue following the merging tutorial:

At around 10 minutes, the instructor replaces the character reference with another character. However the video mentions multiple times that, if the supplied player controller is used, specific steps can be skipped. Now the confusing part for me is whether I am supposed to replace the character reference variable to use my own character or not.

Here is my setup:

Based off FPS template. My own character. No existing player controller (the default "player controller is set in the game mode), however I have no custom functionality there yet. So as advised, I plan to use the inventory player controller, but still use my own character. And yes, my character was reparented to the inventory character.
In the game mode, the InventoryHUD and InventoryPlayerController are set, however the character is my own.

If I compile my code, the inventory quickbar, player name (“PLAYER”), hints all appear, but the player input is blocked and pressing I produces several errors in the log:

My guess the character reference is bonked?

This is a very important statement, as a buyer you are buying a package and that package should be with out error (as Pirate has been addressing any minor bugs from the start). It is not up to the SELLER to MAKE it work in YOUR project.

I suggest you improve your personal skill level with the engine. It’s not up to Content sellers to Teach you how to use the engine.


Unless you are using the inventory character you will need to replace the Character reference with your character. Since you do not have a custom controller you will be using the inventory player controller instead of merging the two controllers (your own and the inventory)

Sorry for the short reply, but hopefully this will help you get started.

Re watch the video with this in mind.

It looks like the InventoryUI reference is null. When you initialize the clients inventory in the player controller you pass in the Inventory UMG reference to the InventoryManagerComponent.

As for the Character reference that only affects equipped meshes and not the inventory system. Parent YourCharacter to EquipmentCharacter and if YourCharacter was parented to something other than the default Character class parent EquipmentCharacter to that first before reparenting YourCharacter to EquipmentCharacter. Hope that makes sense.

If you still have issues send me an email as I get alerts on my phone and can reply quicker that way right now.

Thanks. I changed the variable to point to my own character, then I carefully reconnected the character references after it. However I am still stuck with some runtime errors. Not sure where to look for the issue as these are not compiling errors:


EDIT: posted this seconds after Pirate’s post, I will read your instructions then reply back.
EDIT2: Sent you an email.

Thanks @Robviously

[FONT=Arial Black]thanks for Crosshair @Pirate
Now I can adjusting the Crosshair position in the screen with more precision, just changing values inside HUD Class. It’s more easier and better, that adjust the third persons Player’s camera like shown in the Youtube tutorial and putting the springarm out of adjustment, every time.


It’s not personal you just caught me at the worst possible time. Normally I am checking the forums multiple times a day, but this week has been especially difficult.

To migrate the interact text do the following

Make sure you have the Interact Text widget added into your HUD Layout as the player controller functions will need to access it to update the text and show/hide the UMG widget.


Recreate the follow functions in your own player controller (they are under the demo function folder)

If you create the functions with the same names and Input/Output signatures first then it should be a simple copy paste job for the code inside the functions.

Finally to hook up the InteractText you need to look in the Function GetUseableActorFocus() and at the end of each of the logic paths there are functions nodes for interact text. Add these into your player controllers GetUseableActorFocus().

Also just on a side note about the debate about what a seller has to provide support for.

The videos are my own choice and I am not required to create tutorials or help people with issues in their own game projects. I created the tutorials to help show people ways to do things. If someone isn’t able to do basic unreal blueprinting or lack the willingness to learn then they really shouldn’t be buying assets to begin with.

I have tried my best to offer more and better support than most sellers. I spend countless hours most weeks helping people who have bought my assets with issues not related to the assets but because they want to know how to integrate something new with it, or the best way to create a crafting or weapon system… Often to the point they should start paying me to make their game :P.

I talk with a lot of marketplace staff and sellers and in most aspects the support I provide extremely exceeds all expectations.
Again Luny you just caught me on a bad week and I have apologized for it.

If you are making a game and have game development deadlines you might consider hiring a developer to help develop your game. If you can afford an office you can probably afford some of the modest hourly wages people in the looking for work forum with loads of unreal experience are asking. I could even recommend a few :slight_smile:

Don’t take this the wrong way but the problem here isn’t the inventory system or the tutorial its your lack of blueprint knowledge, if you can’t understand the basics you should go back and learn them as you can’t state some think doesn’t work for you when it does for everyone else, its ok to follow and copy from online tutorials but if you don’t understand what there actually doing it defeats the point.