Action RPG Inventory System

Hello All,

I am happy to announce our first marketplace content.

Action RPG Inventory System - Marketplace Link](
Supported Engine Versions: 4.13 - 4.24


Update Notes:

The Action RPG Inventory System is a multiplayer supported inventory management system featuring equip-able and usable items.
It can be used in single-player and multiplayer projects, regardless of your game theme and UI design.

The Action RPG Inventory System allows for easy interaction between the player’s inventory and individual objects in the world or actors that have an inventory.
It is designed with a multiplayer first approach and the network traffic is minimized when passing item information and requests between the server and clients.
The system is encapsulated into its own components which makes it easy to integrate into existing projects.

The technical demo included is an MMO styled example with a Drag & Drop UI. This demo showcases how quick it is to implement and use the Inventory System in your own project.
The system is easy to learn and expand upon to meet your specific needs.


  • Single Player and Multiplayer 100% supported.
  • Clean, efficient and easy to follow code.
  • Single Player physics based item interaction.
  • Replicated player stats and equipment.
  • Re-sizable player inventory.
  • Configurable equipment, items, and stats.
  • Customizable player equipment types and slots.
  • Create new items quickly and with ease.
  • Practical and easy to modify ‘Drag & Drop’ UI example.
  • Master Item list and Loot Table list examples.
  • Move, drop, use, equip, unequip, swap, stack and split items.
  • Loot container and storage container blueprints samples included.
  • Includes Usable, Equipment, Consumable and Currency item examples.

Marketplace Video:






This is not an RPG Starter Kit and the practical examples and items demonstrating how to easily use the Action RPG Inventory System are a bonus.

Tutorial Videos:

Tutorial: Adding New Items

Tutorial: FPS Controls w/ UI Mode Toggle

Tutorial: Merging Into Your Project

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It looks freaking awesome (: I’m really looking forward to it!

Awesome work! good to see a well rounded high quality Inventory system coming to the marketplace. I love how the outline on the item doesn’t show through the player.

This is really clean looking. I’d be very interested in a video showing the UI “drag and drop” functionality you describe.

As some one who has been spending a lot of time on an inventory for my Survival Game Template, I’m very jealous of this system XD Awesome work man.

Thank you for your comments :slight_smile:

I should have a video online within the next few days

would be great to a see a video displaying , waiting for it :]

Absolutely amazing work!
I’m glad I have held off on a few purchases because this seems to fit my needs MUCH better!
Can’t wait for a showcase video to confirm all my hopes :wink:

Whoa, this looks nice!

Did you consider supporting any database system as a backend ?

While it does not support database loading out of the box, it was designed with that in mind. The Master Item list and Loot Lists are saved in datatables, which are essentially exactly the same as a CSV file or a database table. This makes it very easy to load things like your item stats, player and container inventories to and from a database.

I would suggest looking into the VaRest plugin as that is a very easy way through blueprints to interact with databases using json.

Updated the post with a video :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m sold! lol
How long is this going to take to hit the marketplace?
And what is your target price for your work?

**** man… video looks amazing!

:DLooks great!

Would you please elaborate on this? I couldn’t see any physics based item interaction in the video? How would this feature work out?

There are a few easily identifiable examples in the video of the world items using physics simulation.

  • When dropping items.
  • Kicking items when walking into them (look at the table and dropped items near the end)
  • When picking up the gold coins how the ones above fall down.

Unreal has built in physics simulation and if you setup your game and assets properly you can get the same physics behavior as let’s say skyrim or fallout with a few tweaks.
I mentioned Single Player physics based item interaction because multiplayer physics replication when dropping the items into the world is out of the scope of the example content.

Just to clarify, this is not an RPG Starter Kit or fully working game. Although it does include a lot of examples and is easy to learn from and extend.
The examples are meant to teach you how to use it. But please feel free to use the demo examples in your own projects and to expand upon them.

When can you take my money? I want you to take my money in exchange for this.

It would be so awesome if this was released before Christmas break. Fingers crossed!

Looks great :slight_smile:

I second that… I’d actually have time to play around with it