Action RPG Inventory System

I’m not sure it will be, still waiting to get a release date from Epic.

I believe the wait has been about a month on average from acceptance to posting, maybe a little more.

There have been several items that have publicly said they were approved and it’s been 4-5 weeks.

I’m guessing it will be out in the last half of Jan or early Feb because of the holiday break.
But that will give me time to add a few extra things while we all wait :slight_smile:

If you want to release it before epic approves you you can always try gumroad or sellfy. I know I would like the opportunity to purchase it before christmas so I have some time to break it apart during christmas break.

Very nice looking work.

One question: you say ‘create new items easily’. Does your system allow for integration with an existing game item/entity system, or does it provide its own base class that must be used? If the former, how is it integrated? Would I add and configure a component to my existing actors to make them inventory compatible, or something along those lines?

I am considering a pre-release version for people who really want it while they work on their projects over the holidays. I’ll be making a decision over the next few days.

I will be adding a quick video in the next few days showing how in a couple of minutes you can add a new items to the system. This will also give a quick overview of how the items are handled in the system.

The items are information stored in a Data Table (makes it easier for editing items and adding database support).
The inventory items themselves are structs holding the properties you want items to have.

It would be fairly straight forward to swap out the inventory items to a class of your own making.
I am planning on doing a tutorial around release on how to use c++ data assets for items and integrate them with the system.

To give an actor a inventory you simply pick one of the following two components.
Inventory Component: This is a basic inventory with properties and allows the player to loot and/or store items in it depending on it’s configuration.
Equipment Inventory Component: This component allows the actor to also have equipment and is used with characters you want to be able to equip items.

Additionally a Player is also given the Inventory Manager Component which allows the player to interact between his inventory and the inventory of any actors in the world.

As an example… If you wanted to create a storage container that only the player who created it can access.
It would be as simple as creating an actor and giving it an inventory component and when it is used you check to see if the player using it was the player who created it.

I have added a quick tutorial video on adding new items into the inventory system.

Tutorial: Adding items from start to finish

This looks amazing. I wonder how tough it would be to combine this with a first person shooter like what I am working on right now. hmm :smiley:

Your project looks amazing, also much easier to implement than others I’ve seen and purchased. however I do have some questions for you:

  1. Does your setup override the “Game Mode”.
  2. If so, how difficult is it to merge with other projects. (I know this may not be possible to answer as each usage case is different.)
  3. What is your target price point?

Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. The inventory system itself is plug and play through components that you add to actors/characters. The Demo project does has a HUD, GameMode, etc… but it is easy to migrate what you want.
  2. I would say this is beginner to Intermediate friendly. If you are a beginner and you take the time to understand how the system works it should be pretty straight forward to adapt it to your own projects make changes and add new features. It was designed to be painless to integrate into existing projects but that is assuming some level of knowledge and understanding.
  3. It won’t be more expensive than any of the current inventory offerings.

Have you decided not to do a prerelease?

Yes, I decided that at this time, it is best to wait for Epic to put it on the marketplace.

Judging by the current release speed from Epic that will take a few generations.

I can’t freaking wait to mess with this and the MP TopDown Kit. Cheers!

I just received word from Epic and it’s slated for a January 27th release.
Very excited to see what people create with it.

Looks very promising! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

This looks phenomenal, good job!

This system looks great, I had a few questions though, first being have you set a price and if so how much is it going to be? Second does the weapon equip system support duel wielding weapons and 2 handed weapons? if not could you make tutorials to add those functions. and third and I hope I explain this one clear enough to understand, when you equip or drag lets say a sword and a shield into the weapons slots of the character body inventory, can you have the weapons start off holstered as in maybe set the sword to the hip and shield to be slung over the back/shoulder and then use a button to actually equip (in hands with animations) and re-holster (to hip and back/shoulder)? if not out of the gate again is this something you could make a tutorial of how to set up? Again I hope I explained what I am looking for with the equip and holster question. I’ll probably be buying the system anyway but if those 2 things were already included I’d pay double whatever you’re price is going to be.

Hello AlphaHemi,

Having the character duel wield or hold two handed weapons is not an issue.
There are mainhand and offhand sockets setup on the skeleton and tied to the equipment slots. (You can see in the video equipping weapons and the shield)
But basically everything you just asked about is to do with setting up animations to your character and nothing to do with the items themselves.

I do not include any special animations with the inventory system as that is out of the scope of what it is. There are plenty of guides on setting up animations around and I think Mixamo is still offering free animation sets that also work with unreal.

Sounds great I have all the animations needed just am not as adept at the actual coding required to make everything work properly. Really looking forward to getting this and studying it’s blueprints.