About light making

When i done, i click building,but light making is always 96%,what should i do???

Hello yxc2002,

This description is rather vague. In order to understand what is happening I would like some more information from you.

1.) Is this a project you created in 4.8 to 4.9?
2.) Does this happen in a clean blank project in 4.9?
3.) Can you link me a copy of your DxDiag (Computer Specs)

There is a known issue occurring in 4.9. What happens is the lightmass is running while you build hangs at a certain percentage. This issue has been fixed as of 4.10. Can you open a copy of this project in 4.10 and verify that it is working there?

I am getting the lightmass hang in 4.10. I do not get it in a blank map, or the default FPS project map.

I have a large static mesh with enough shaders to get a “this is not going to render efficiently” warning. Placing this mesh seems to prevent Lightmass from completing.

Hello choel,

If you would open a new ticket with a description like “Mesh preventing light mass from building.” Our team will handle this issue as soon as they are able.