Able to make graphics lower than normal?

I was just wondering, and had this idea for a game. But I was wondering if we could possibly make games with lower quality graphics for people who have lower end PC’s. Talking about people with like Pentium 4’s, and so on, thanks.

UE4 is designed for next-gen consoles and PCs that are DirecX11 capable. Pentium 4 lived during the DirectX8,9 era. So if you are trying to make games for P4-class systems, UE4 is not the right choice. I think UDK is more suited for lower end systems. Still Pentium 4 PCs mostly used AGP graphics cards (many of them did not even support pixel shaders). So even UDK might not be able to run well on those systems.

I am 99% sure UE4 is not a viable option for P4 class systems.

Sure you can use low-res textures, simple AI and low poly meshes…but its the underlying technology that is going to prevent you from making your UE4 game work on older systems. For instance some games do not run on Windows XP even if the PC that hosts the Windows XP is an absolute monster. So I think for UE4 you should atleast have a PC that runs on Windows 7,8 OR SteamOS(linux) and supports DirectX11 or OpenGL4 (linux --not sure about this)

Understood, thanks. I just wanted to make a game, where you could have good graphics for higher end systems, and low graphics for lower end systems. So that everyone could play, whether or not they got an older PC or a newer PC. Thanks for the reply, I’ll look into it.