A ton of old posts have been erased, what happened?

Topic is in the title. Take the community ocean project for example

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Hey @Bits360, thank you for the report. We’re investigating this and will work to restore the missing topics!

The problem looks to be that old posts have completely different post ID’s, so nothing is getting matched up from bookmarks or external links (haven’t looked into internal links, but I suspect/hope those were migrated in the switch).

For example, it looks like the old post is still there, but under a different ID:

Agreed, every external link I’ve tried on other sites, that point to forum threads or posts on this site, now goes to an “Oops!” error page.

Please tell me the old URLs can be automatically remapped internally to the new ones – otherwise this breaks a significant component of the way the internet operates, and shuts out a ton of incoming traffic.

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There should be ways to redirect incoming links to there corresponding new page. i have done this before when changing server software.

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Yeah hope they can redirect these soon, glad to know its not just me with the issue

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Hi there!

Could you pelase get my Victory Plugin thread back in search engines as mentioned above?

Old reference in google searches:

Here is the new link:

Thank you!

:unicorn: And congratulations on the forum update progress so far! :rainbow:

I love the expanded emoji set!





An update has gone through that should help with some of the re-mapping to the forum links from external pages (searching on Google and clicking a link), but I see it’s still not working on Rama’s :frowning:

I’ve reported your case and please know we’re digging in!


I have a big (and important to me) forum topic that I can’t find anywhere anymore:

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I also have one not working:

Yep. Tried to use search and found nothing.

I am getting the same message for Uefy thread:

Perhaps it is because on new versions releases I have changed the topic title before. In the previous forums all of the topic title versions continued to work regardless of changes.

However for now it seems none of the urls are working. Even the latest one from the old forum.

Yes. But the topic you mentioned at least can be found by Search:

The one with USQlite can’t be even found by Search.

Please, we already suffer A LOT when links to the wiki got broken in the wiki update, don’t leave this broken and do something to successfully redirect to the new URL standard.

It’s a stab in the back to us the devs to lose all the content that is available on guides, tutorials and forums discussions!

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Hey all, thanks for reporting the missing topics—we’re working with Discourse to get these restored as soon as we can.

Can you share the info if you’re using custom build of Discourse?
Can/will you customize it?

Links from outside sites still get the error Oops that page doesn’t exist or is private:

For example, my topic used to be at this URL:

Now I can find it through my Profile Activity or by searching at this URL:

Or the shorter form with just the topic ID:

I’m guessing the ship has sailed on keeping old post IDs in the new system… but it should be possible to remap incoming requests to the old forum-style URLs:


To the new post ID:


Of course this would require using a data table generated by the conversion to Discourse, mapping all the old post IDs to the new ones…

Google will update to the new URLs in due time (or may have already), but every AnswerHub post, Twitter post, YouTube description, personal blog, etc out there linking to the old URLs are now dead…

Please help! :pray:

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Hey all - we’ve run a script to update these links and restore the missing topics/posts. The ones you’ve shared here all appear to be working for me. Would you mind confirming that they are for you as well?

Topics are back, thanks a lot. But there’s like 90% of posts are gone lol

The script is still in progress so maybe it hasn’t snagged all of them yet. The links were showing promise, so I got excited :wink:

I’ll circle back once it’s completely finished.

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