A ton of old posts have been erased, what happened?

They should all be sorted now - do your posts look like they’ve returned? If not, minding sending over links to the topics?

No, there’s just a few posts there.
I’m going to wait, maybe they show up later ?!

[PLUGIN] USQLite - Unreal Engine / Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

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Most of the ones I’d previously tested now seem to be working, including links to individual posts.

However, I’ve found some links using the showthread.php?<postID> format linking to individual posts within those threads, that just go to the top of the thread. For example:

or the shorter version:

Just goes to the first post – when it used to link to this post further down in the thread:

On the bright side, I’ve tried some other direct links to posts using the more recent verbose URL style, which seem to redirect correctly. For example, this old sub-post link:

Correctly redirects to this new Discourse sub-post URL:

Particularly in longer threads like that, linking directly to a post instead of the top of the thread is crucial.

@Amanda.Schade Thanks for all your hard work in getting this sorted out!

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That’s great!

Yes, as you described, the old format (showthread.php?) URLs that point to a specific post are just pointing to the topic right now. Apparently those IDs are a little more difficult to map out and will take longer to get sorted.

Today’s update hopefully makes the general experience more friendly, and resolves a majority of the link issues while we manage the others.


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Understood – teething pains are to be expected. Overall IMHO the Discourse UX is really nice compared to the old system (and I’m much more accustomed to old school style forums)… we’ll adapt in due time :wink:

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Hi, this topic for my marketplace plugin used to have 10 pages or so of posts on the old forum: Auto Settings - Game options and input binding toolkit

Now it just has one that looks like it’s from a spam bot.

Overall I feel the new system is nicer but hope these old posts can be restored.

lol some 40ish pages of posts in USQLite plug-in topic are really gone.

There was a lot of technical info in there and successful user’s experiments that are now all gone.