A single level no longer updates reflections upon placing sphere reflection captures

We’re on an old version, 4.9, due to some compatibility and soon release, update is not possible right now, but this feels like some general issue others might’ve heard of, or a setting that we missed, so asking anyways.

We have an issue where a single level of the project no longer updates surrounding reflections after a sphere reflection actor is placed in the environment, even after clicking “Update captures”. Usually, as soon as you drag a sphere reflection capture into a place, you can see all objects around it update to correct reflections/colors, which is confirmed to be working in other levels of the project, but not this one.

Yet as soon lighting was built, the newly placed reflection captures seemed to have kicked in and will update reflections while dragged around the level. If I drag around old reflection captures to same place, the objects too will update their reflections. But newly placed reflection captures will continue having no effect. It worked as expected in this level before, then just suddenly, stopped updating.

Is there any setting that makes reflections not update until rebuild? Or is there a max amount of sphere reflections one can have in a level before they break (we’re at 320 sphere reflection capture actors)?