A question about hair rendering.


I have a question why i have this: YouTube Link
on my characters hair?

Its flickering and I don’t know why.
Please help me out.

That looks like motion blurring to me, try disabling motion blur in your post process and see if that makes a difference. It could also be the Anti-Aliasing, swhitch the method to none as well and see if that too has an effect on it too.

Thank you for the quick Response. But i have no Post Process Volume in that Level.
Allding I wanted to ask where I can turn off the anti aliasing.

Add a post process volume to your level and you can turn off anti-aliasing in the settings for it. You can also make the other edits I mentioned above in the post process volume’s settings

Many Thanks! That was the trick. But this I have now made in the camera settings. Does that make a big difference?
Sorry for my english

Shouldn’t as long as the post process is enabled you will have control over the effects and you can have multiple post processes in a level. Don’t forget to mark this as resolved/answered.