A little information about shadows and how to keep them easy on resources please?

I would love to add realistic shadows to my demo that’s coming out…But once I apply cast shadows to my level source light, and then build the lighting, frame rate drops from 60 to like…6.
Is there a way I could use these shadows but add some sort of distance rendering or…I dunno…
I’ve turned down and shadow quality in the settings…it helps VERY little…

What is this resource impact based off of exactly?? Number of actors?? Size of level??

I’d really love to implement it . if anyone has ANY information at all.
thank you greatly.

How large is your level? Your source light(you mean the directional light i think) should have cast shadows enabled and it wont affect the performance like that when you build the lights, so there is something you are missing i think. Building the lights means you are using static lighting, which means there wont be any major lighting computation in run time.

Yea my level is absolutely huge…only because I was trying to simulate you out in the middle of the ocean…do you have any idea what else would cause that??
NO ME of my lights in the level cast shadows. But I turn the directional light shadows on. Everything is fine. Then I build the lighting on like…production…and then my framerate is destroyed. What should I do??

I’m confused. What would cause my light build to slow down the Pc?

I’m using 4.6.1. It doesn’t seem to have any other issues that have affected me…
I understand that shadows are hard on resource but…there’s got to be a way to use them efficiently…

Just reaching out again. can someone explain me to why my shadows are destroying my frame rate after built??
I’ve heard that the shadows are heard on resources…but that was unplayable. and if the shadows are off you’re talking 90 FPS.

Light map resolution!!! THAT IS ALL!!! :slight_smile: