A few problems/features regarding sockets

I have noticed a few issues about sockets. I will adress only static mesh import pipeline. I am using 3ds max.

1.) I have noticed that since 4.17 (maybye older), you don’t need to specify name of render mesh, you can name your socket whatever you want, as long it have “SOCKET_” prefix and will be attached to actual mesh. I haven’t seen that in documentation. Maybye update it?

2.) Socket scale is same as set in import dialog (when you set scale at import), not sure why, but it’s bug for me.

3.) Sockets are created new on reimport instead of recreating old ones. Now this is really anoying one. I’m always deleting duplicates on reimport.

4.) Now this one is actually said in documentation. I must have separate fbx files with meshes with sockets.
I like to use multiple parts in one fbx file. But I cannot have multiple parts with sockets in one fbx file. When I import them everything works fine. But when I reimport some part (even with none sockets), it will load all sockets in file, not looking at hierarchy or naming at all. This might be linked with problem 3.