72 instrument orchestra in 3d+VR, all synced.

Edit: its on youtube now ArthurBarthur - YouTube

Okay. I thought you were lost on a png plane for the first 30 seconds, but it’s really neat.

By the way, I welcome suggestions about best editor/project/packaging settings relating to audio for this. It works super-well right now in my scenario, but is there a way to get visual feedback on how f.ex the callback buffer size is performing? Right now I listen for artifacts to tune. Wha about ‘source workers’?

ps i will research all this myself, so if there’s no answer in a few days I’ll report back here with what is to learn!

edit: have not gotten to it yet, just wait here.

Hahah, awesome! Very, very fun! How did you source the stems?

:slight_smile: A professional music-producer friend gave the stems to me saying they were usage “clear” and fit my specifications. I think he made it a long time ago, but I have no idea. It’s a bunch of 32 sec long ~2.7mb size mono 16bit 44100 wavloops(he gave me stereo 24bit at ~6.5mb per file, then, through ableton, I converted to mono 16bit 44100 wav). Maybe I should try stereo-files next? Or longer loops. I make due with timelines, but also looking forward to musical timing system™ existing.

When I began I thought for sure I would not be able to do it seamlessly, so I readyed a mastertrack and grouptracks for background, brushed up on my concurrency-knowledge, planned a timing/loading system animation to hide waiting for next loop, but turns out it handled all wavs in one room so I just use natural sound attenuation to make it like in the video :slight_smile:

Timing isn’t as hairy as people think, generally; but in the new Audio Engine, if you call Play on the same frame, all the files will be synchronized.

Stereo files could be good for instruments with some size to them (like timpani), but I would play around with varying the attenuation curves and the non-spatialized radii to more accommodate the sound profile of the instrument. Some volume adjustment for balance would also be good.

Orchestras are balanced at the conductor’s position.

Great info! I had read about the same-frame sync, but had no idea it was already in and working for this case. Guess it in part explains the very smooth process setting it up.

The natural attenuation in the vid had everything >4m away at a fixed volume as a quick fix. Will definitely make a mixdown for conductors position! Will try to get help from a real conductor as pedantic tester :slight_smile:

Next vid should be smooth movement, not teleporting, to show it off better.

Cool! Looking forward to it!

Here’s with smooth transitions and stuff :slight_smile:

YES! Very cool, man! Very cool! :smiley:

You should check out the new reverb, it has a dry/wet send amount control so you can make sounds in the distance get more reverb and close sounds less:

You know what’s cool? Envelope follower!!

Those reverb sliders sure look practical :slight_smile: Reverb is very important and powerful, and high on the list of things I will spend some quality time with very soon :smiley:

Awesome–you could have the button do a Pause instead of a stop, so it resumes at the same location.

Yes! For the video it was a fast temp solution, since I got frustrated when trying to store the pause/resume position and play from there(late night pebcak while trying to implement idea below)…

What to do when pausing, is have one of the trumpets(or something) lag a bit behind the others, and trail off with something sour a few notes later…hihi!

Hahah, like a rehearsal!

Do you have some insight on how to achieve this?
I am very interested in playing MIDI files (and not streaming audio via a large file)

Could you push me into the right direction here?

Seems like the big problem is missing note off from midi stream, or missing logic needed somewhere. I couldn’t tell you which, haven’t had opportunity to implement it yet. I know note off is a thing that, in some software and hw keyboards at least, is handled in different ways, aka a deviating standard.

Haven’t used the synth sample player(or am i? no idea), but I can imagine that thing is made to loop stuff and do such things by standard. Maybe try setting it up with audio components instead. I can testify that if you import a sound wave, double click it and set it to not looping, then load it into a bp as audio component, then hook it to a play audio component node - it will play once.

Progress video! Focus on arm-controller and spaaaaace.
Everyting is extremely temporary, and not even slightly polished.

Awesome, kjekkbart!

And you’re right about the audio components being a better solution for Raildex (and for me, as it turns out) than the Synth Sample Player in its current state. I just wish I’d noticed your post from last month earlier - it would’ve saved me going down a few blind alleys :smiley:

Kyekkbart have you played FORM? Think you’ll dig it.