4.9 New Mobile Features! - Live at Epic HQ

Come and join us in talking with Jack Porter about the new mobile and landscape features coming in 4.9.

Drop any questions for him below!

Thursday, Aug. 27 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]



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    Jack Porter - Engine Dev & Support Lead
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looking forward for this!

Where’s my ‘Easy Button’ ? :slight_smile:

Seriously, would love to see deployment to Mobile Devices easier!

Thanks for all the hard work! Looking forward to it!

Thank you guys. Looking forward to it!

Looking forward for this. Thanks

how about optimization for size and performance?

Is there any plugin within Unreal Engine 4 to make Social Media Integration in mobile games? Like facebook challenges to friends.

How will 2D platform games play out on the new mobile features?

Would like to hear about blueprint support for the following:

  • Mobile Multiplayer (real time multiplayer where players can play together over local wifi for example - where the host player’s device acts as the ‘server’ the other player can connect to)
  • Mobile AA
  • Google Cardboard support
  • Social media integrations
  • Institutional ads rather than just banners

PS some positive feedback: favorite mobile feature of 4.8 & 4.9: compressed cooking for finally having a reduced filesize :slight_smile: Why is this option hidden in the hidden settings of packaging though (and why by default is it unchecked)?

Hope there will be news on having the engine run on all Android devices and not just a few devices…

Distance based fog is commonly used to hide clipping distance on mobile devices. However, the only suitable actor present in the engine for this (exponential height fog) doesn’t work without mobile HDR (i.e. no fog on full res retina iPad). Maybe some hint on how to implement this kind of fog without mobile HDR?

AFAIK, doing it by yourself in post process material may also lead to problems on mobile devices.


New Mobile features sounds exciting, hopefully sensor reference frame variation across mobile platforms will be discussed. It seems even specific models have different sensor setup orientations. With mobile, it also seems inevitable that some GUI, a ‘leapMotion’-like openCV library will be developed at some point to take advantage of the mobile camera. Has anyone tried to incorporate openCV, openCL or openCGA libraries into UE4 with success?>

Having worked through a blueprint for mobile, I can post it on the forums, for those interested. Our team is continuing work from the Big Data VR Challenge. We are developing a mobile VR experience centered around Big Data Research for Genomics Scientists and many others.

Let us know what you think :smiley:

Can you please show us how we can use UMG button “Press/release”.
for example for a continues rifle shooting.

Hey are there any plans for Supporting Amazon FireOS?

Distance based fog is something I am also interested in. Any plans to support that?

Would you please teach us how we connect & Implementing to mobile markets (In-app Billing).
Google play & Apple Store.

I Would LOVE to see better support for dragging and dropping. It’s a nightmare as of now. Drag n Drop crashes or doesn’t work properly on iOS. I Also would love to see Spotlight support, and use of more texture samples in materials! (: I would be the happiest man alive if all of these 3 features we’re on iOS.

Better Drag & Drop Support for iOS/Mobile
Spotlights on mobile
More Texture Samples in materials on mobile
**Smaller App Sizes, **

Will we get more access to forward rendering (such as light vectors, attenuation etc.) in materials so we could make more optimal rendering would be really handy, plugins for ads/analytics.

Both of these actually work right now - I’ve been able to host and join servers on my Nexus 5.

My .02 would be for:

status update on GPU particle support for mobile.
more built-in functionality for common mobile gestures in UMG (dragging, inertial scrolling, etc)

Love what you guys have done! Keep up the incredible work :smiley: