4.9 New Mobile Features! - Live at Epic HQ

Plugins & Extras ::

  • Google Coardboard – +1
  • Social Media Integration – +1
  • Banner Ads – +1
  • Non Tegra Compatibility
  • Low Poly Landscape

Some of you might find this useful: Trello

I’d really like an update on how things are going for APEX (clothing/destruction) support on mobile.

Just curious regarding landscape -

Is there plans to reduce memory and CPU overhead with the terrain for mobile phone, Tablet and Set top boxes?

Great news!

I’d like to hear something about the following topics:

  1. Will there be some kind of local multiplayer via WIFI?
  2. Is there a chance for a simple networking solution via internet? Some kind of online matchmaking?
  3. Are there performance improvements in games that need massive amount of AI pathfinding + avoidance (like tower defense games, RTS etc.)
  4. Will there be a simple solution to place ads in the games? (banners, videos, etc.)

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Some INFO about support on Android/iOS :

-Ads supporting
-Updating (not the whole project but only Changes)
*is after player updates the game, will he loose the saves? (noob quest) :slight_smile:

I second what others have mentioned:
Multiplayer over wifi, one acting as host etc. If it already works (as Joe says) - examples please, it is so difficult for and old lady to figure it out.
Easier solutions for click and drag items.

I just wondering when will the distortion effect and the GPU particles be available on mobile…

Also in 4.9,turning on DOF will cause crash on all the ios devices,hope it be fixed in 4.9 release…

Pretty excited about this stream as I’m currently working on a mobile game. I would like to know more about optimization.

Cardboard VR support +1

I really hope this comes ASAP, I don’t wanna have to switch to Unity for current VR projects!

+1 for announcing Apple Watch support. :wink:

Google Cardboard support +1

I have to make a decision by tomorrow on whether or not I need to rebuild my project in Unity 5, just for Google Cardboard support. I’m really hoping that this will be an export option in Unreal Engine 4.9

As long as you’re on the same LAN, hosting/joining a game on mobile works exactly the same way as on PC - even works cross-platform, so you can host on phone and join on PC or vice versa.

Thanks for this information! Time to try it out as last I heard this was not supported (but that was a while ago :wink: )

Does physX work on the Nexus 9 now?