4.8 Preview, Game Jam Results, and More! - Live from Epic HQ

It’s that time again! We’re bringing back the dynamic duo Ray Davis and Mike Fricker to give us all the skinny on all things 4.8. As we prepare for the first preview release, you’ll find out what all can be expected in the update, as well as ask questions about the things you care about most. Don’t miss it!

Also, the April game jam results are in! Find out who the top submissions were this time around.

Thursday, April. 23 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @iveytron](
Mike Fricker - Technical Director - @mike_fricker](
Ray Davis - Some Guy, or General Manager of Unreal Engine (Still trying to figure this one out…) - @EpicRayD](

We know you have questions, so fire away!

Edit: The YouTube archive is available here](


My question is to do with Blutilities in general.

I want to use butilities to extend the editor more generally. For example, I want to add a custom menu in the main menu, for example, “My Tools”, and populate it with items that execute blutility functions when selected. I want to ability to create a new dialog window I can pop up and draw into, so I can draw a custom slate/umg node system for something in-house. I want to do this via blutilities. I want to draw custom handles for objects in the scene viewport via blutilities too…

Is functionality like this planned in the future?


Will this stream previewtopic cover the new sequenser?

This just made my day Sir Chance, ty. Now for the long wait for Thursday :

I get super excited when Mike and Ray make it to stream. All kind of goodies come out!


  1. At GDC, during a presentation it was said the shooter game was updated to run on a steam machine. Will this be with 4.8? I’d love to start taking a look at this for my own steam integration.

  2. Whats the status on the Demo Recording Tools. I’ve tried a few times but it seems still buggy. I look forward to recording my game in 4.8 (fingers crossed) :smiley:

  3. Whats new in Hot Reload updates?

Thanks Epic for the wonderful work! =)

Awesome! Ill be sure to watch the stream live this time!

Hey Chance, we are getting ansey over here on the SSP team, could they address new Paper2D features in some detail during the stream, or are the topics long set before the stream starts?

mmmm, definately want more info on that awesome mesh flipbook stuff you were talking about with that imbuefx guy the other week. Looks more fun than a box of puppies. :smiley:

Would like to know more about

  • Distribution of plugins without source. Maybe elaborate on epic’s view on how to manage the versioning of marketplace plugins. (maintenance, recompilation etc). Are you thinking of hosting code yourself with a private build system or leave it do devs?

  • Documentation of programming for the engine. Examples and Best practices for GameState, PlayerState, GameInstance and Game/Render thread, VertexFactory and Shaders etc would be lovely!

  • Niagara ETA for a working early version! (currently crashes when a material is applied) Very excited for it.

  • Forward Rendering for per pixel transparency updates? (A question for Martin Mittring?)

Mobile tendra un build mas reducido?

There are two things I wish I could do in a Blueprint-only game with UMG:

  1. Fetch a list of the display resolutions available on the player’s PC so they can choose their resolution in a settings menu.
  2. Remap input action & axis mappings so the player can set their own keybindings in a settings menu.

Any chance either of these is shipping in 4.8? If not, do you plan to offer them in the future?

This is going to be good! Can’t wait hear about all the latest goodies.

Will html5 be limited by mobile progress? Also, Will html5 support OpenGl ES 3.1 and is it comparable to directx?

while we are creating a wishlist, which is probably too late for 4.8 but we can hope.

  • add UMG Keybinds or at least the ability to control the Keys in UMG
  • enter key used to end a line of text in a text field in UMG, now can’t seem to find an endline that works anymore

& slam_ -> “Mobile tendra un build mas reducido?”
I also hope they reduce mobile build size, as well as a working way to clean up projects before they are built for release for all platforms.

  • also would help to add easier deployment and monetization

& dokipen’s post
“- Documentation of programming for the engine. Examples and Best practices for GameState, PlayerState, GameInstance and Game/Render thread, VertexFactory and Shaders etc would be lovely!”

  • Been begging for Best Practices Examples for BPs as well for these topics, almost every tutorial or example has someone saying: “well let’s just put this here for this example but you might want to do it differently in an actual project” & then that’s it. we never get an explanation or tutorial or even a link pointing to a correct way to do it or the different ways to do it correctly for different uses.

and while we’re wishing:

  • UMG Canvas Background Fill Color
  • take casting back out like they did before or make it an option, there was a previous engine version where you set what you needed to public & it worked.(or at least ‘global’ variables)

That being said, I am looking forward to this release, had such great hopes for 4.7 having gone thru rigorous testing by UE & the community that we would wind up with a very stable release but although the process might be solid I don’t think 4.7 can be said to be the same.

Still all n all I have to commend UE & their staff & all the contributors on their efforts for I can see nothing but a bright future for Unreal Engine.
Bumpy as the road getting there may be. so thanks

I’m also looking forward to this stream and will be watching for news about the solid release that we all hope 4.8 will be.

What’s the current state of the “sequencer” + what will be included + any release date? :slight_smile:

-different video formats (mp4,…)
-audio recording

A am really looking forward to improved performance areas as always!

+1 on this please :slight_smile:


– I Would like to have a collapse button for the tools/details panel to get more room on smaller display. In every tutorial they spend lot of time resizing the panels.
— Automatic cleanup of project. (removing unused items from project)
----Reduced Android file size.

Too soon for a kind of Character Dismemberment System, similar to those of some recent horror games?
I mean something easily doable with Blueprint?

UMG - lit materials as image object? Someday? Ever? :wink:
Also Temporal anti aliasing doesn’t work with panner material. Will that be fixed in 4.8? - UE-5775 - Temporal anti aliasing doesn't work properly with panner. - UE4 AnswerHub