4.6 Preview - No Bounce Light for Static Emissive Lighting

Hey guys,

Being able to now bake lighting from emissive materials is awesome, however it seems to only emit direct light and doesn’t have any additional bounces.

I set up this scene in two ways - the first being the old school method of a white plane card with a strong spotlight shinning on it, and the new way of assigning an emissive material to the plane (just has a constant 1 node set to a value of 5 in the emissive color channel).

As you can see the emissive material version is missing the green bounce light coming from the ground (using M_Ground_Moss from the starter content as the floor material).

Not sure if I’m missing a check box somewhere or if this is just a technical problem with this method?

That is normal i believe. Current release notes say Direct Lighting from Emissive Materials, which means no indirect lighting.

Thanks Jacky! I noticed that in the release notes as well. Wasn’t sure if they meant just direct lighting or if they now acted as a direct light source; I guess the former is correct for now.