[4.4] Run BehaviorTree on Client side crash editor?


My game is multiplayer FPS, it work fine with network and everything.

Then i want to add special feature just on Client only is that Player’s Proxy will sometimes rotate their head to interesting point if they near them for a few seconds, Player real aim direction still the same, just the Proxy’s head will be different. So i implement a special BehaviorTree for Proxy, to go check for interesting point each few second, then look at it if they found them.

It’s working pretty good with 4.2, but when i switch to 4.4, it crash the whole editor the moment i start BehaviorTree , and i find in source code of AIsytem saying that AI should only run on Server.

My question is: Is it a way to let client run BehaviorTree coz i don’t need it to run on sever ?

Thank in advance.

Our AI systems have always been meant to run on the server. Only the server is the authority, so clients running AI doesn’t make sense in this model. It would only be useful for client only AI that no other players could interact with or see (birds, fish, or other ambients that don’t affect gameplay).