4.4.1 Hotfix Preview!

I double checked. I think I have it in there correctly for the launcher. I copied the target field into a text editor. Attaching link to image.

Maybe I’ve just missed something small and don’t see it.

Hi Epic programmers,

why don’t you add an icon in the UE4 GUI to preview the scene directly into the Oculus?



When starting the launcher without the hotfix command line, I now get asked to update the engine, even though I have 4.4.1 preview installed. Why is that? 1,4 GB update. This does not appear when I start the launcher with the hotfix command line.

Because it will revert you back to the old 4.4. LEAVE the hotfix shortcut where it is - or don’t update. Remove the hotfix command when the final 4.4.1 is out.

I’ve come across another small issue with the 4.4.1 hotfix preview and the marketplace. Currently I need to install a copy of “ShooterGame” which I don’t currently have in my vault. When I go to the marketplace, it says that the program is fee but that I need to “Subscribe” to download the template. I already am a subscriber! I subscribed back when this engine was released to the public. And it’s not just the shooter game, all the templates (i.e. tappy chicken, content sample, vehicle game etc) say the same thing.

Note, in order to get the hotfix working with my existing projects, I did have to include the property -AppLabel=Production-4.4.1HotfixPreview to my Unreal 4 launcher program. So is this happening just because I am in “preview” mode or will this be the case when the hotfix goes live?

I had the same problem. It wasn’t recognizing that I’m already subscribed when I tried to download Marketplace content. However, the problem goes away immediately when you remove the HotFixPreview option from the shortcut, and restart the launcher.

I updated to the 4.4.1 hotfix preview and then I removed the command line from the launcher shortcut and now it says that I can update the 4.4.1 again, has the 4.4.1 final version been released or what is this?

Lol. This was literally answered a few posts before yours. 3 to be exact.

Because it will revert you back to the old 4.4. LEAVE the hotfix shortcut where it is - or don’t update. Remove the hotfix command when the final 4.4.1 is out.

Also having trouble with substance after last update


I had a weird issue with this as well if using the 4.4.0 update that went out the other day. I upgraded to 4.4.1 preview and it worked without issue.

Does your say 4.4.1 on the launcher?

no 4.4.0 and no option for 4.4.1 im reinstaling again to see if the issue is resolved

It won’t work for now unless you are using the 4.4.1 preview. It’s weird but something broke with that phantom update the other day. Refer to the first post to see how to update to 4.4.1.

Thank you i will try it

today i download another update… and now UE4 ins’t usable for me, crash always. :X

4.4.1 disappears, no oculus compatibility… what a sh…

edit: and now we have another 1.4GB update… second time today. i will stop updating the engine when i have something + - usable for work. :frowning:

edit 2: all seems ok after the new upgrade.

Hi everyone,

We have made a few changes so that people running the 4.4.1 Preview no longer see the [Subscribe to Download] button for downloading 4.4.0 Marketplace content. There are still other improvements to be made to this system.

And to repeat what others have mentioned, if you remove the preview AppLabel, you will be provided the option to “Update” your 4.4.1 engine, but this will revert you to 4.4.0 until the Hotfix is officially released.

Thanks again for your patience while we work to improve the system.

spot on! :slight_smile:

Wonderful! Thank you so much for getting this fixed!

Two updates to this thread:

#1: When the 4.4.1 Preview was made available, we did experience an issue where users who did not opt into the preview saw an “Update” option for 4.4.0 which downloaded content but appeared to have no change. There were some issues related with this which we have since corrected. Additional information is available here: Explaining the recent 4.4.0 Update - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

#2: Thank you for your help with testing the Preview. The 4.4.1 Hotfix is now officially released. A new thread is available here: Hotfix 4.4.1 is Live! - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums!

I am now closing this thread.