4.4.1 Hotfix Preview!

8/21/2014 4.4.1 Hotfix Preview

This is a preview of the 4.4.1 Hotfix that will be released soon.

To access the Hotfix Preview for Windows:

Right click your launcher shortcut and go to properties, in the “Target” section, add this applabel to the end of the target after the quotationmarks:


For Mac, open the and type in:

open /Applications/Unreal\ --args -Applabel=Production-4.4.1HotfixPreview

4.4.1 Fixes

• Unreal Frontend: Fixed a crash that could occur when cooking for Mac platform “on-the-fly”
• Oculus Rift support has been updated to use the Oculus 0.4.1 Beta SDK
• Fixed a crash that could occur when opening some animation assets from the Marketplace
• Fixed an error that was causing Mouse Handling to break on Mac.
• Blueprint: Added a redirect to base engine ini which allows existing content to point to the correct location in an enum.
• Fixed Info.plist search order in UAT
• Fixed audio not playing with 7.1 Surround Sound.

If you experience any issues while using this hotfix preview, please post on the answerhub in the bug reports section to let us know at

Got it. Thanks. Just in time for my Rift which is arriving today. :slight_smile:

If it gets me building with Rift DK2 this weekend, I can’t complain. Thanks for the build, guys!

Great! Downloading now. Does this support direct to rift?

i have a 1+ GB update now and i haven’t that lines for preview, there are other update for 4.4.0 or its the preview?

edit: its other update.

yes, but i got 20fps less. ¿perhaps because the image mirror in main monitor? ¿its possible disable?

i think i have less fps with 4.4.1 than with 4.4.0 :frowning:

edit: well i build and try again and now i got the 74fps in DM. Anyway its possible disable the mirror?

Tested this out and the judder is INSANE even on an empty map… is there something causing this that I can change?

Edit: Tested both extended and direct, both have no lag but insane juddering on head tracking. GTX 780

Edit 2: Unplugging the camera, reconnecting it, and restarting the OVR service fixed it! The mobile temple has never looked prettier. :smiley:

The only problem is that you’ll probably have to close the editor while testing, or you’ll get awful judder.

Sounds about right… judder usually means low FPS. You have a wicked GPU but the UE4 editor loves to suck up those frames. Minimizing the editor may help as well. The true test would be packaging the demo and running it while the editor is closed.

The weird thing is that when I stat fps it sticks at 75 but will occasionally randomly drop to 30 or so during head-tracking. And that’s causing judder. Closing the editor fixes it to a point. I overfilled a scene with characters and it popped back up again until I lowered some settings. Lots of finagling to be done.

I’ve played around and can’t seem to figure out how to get direct mode running? Any tips?

Hey guys, thanks for the update! :smiley:

I clicked update, it downloaded 1.3gb or so and seemed to install properly, but for some reason it still says version 4.4.0 in the launcher (and in the editor loading screen). I don’t think it is anything to worry about (is it?), just thought it was odd that it didn’t update the version number…

Chances are that is not 4.4.1 then. There was a weird 4.4.0 update as well.

Double check your launcher command and if it installs 4.4.1 it will say 4.4.1

Make sure you relaunch the Launcher after you dl it. Mine showed 4.4.0 til I did that. Also took the command off the shortcut after and it says 4.4.1 without shortcut now.

I know that’s why I am questioning it, every other update has updated the version number… and I have no more updates available to download (aside from the old version like 4.0.1 / 4.2)… So I was wondering if the update hasn’t been released fully or if the update I just downloaded was something separate. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And yes I have restarted it a few times now, no more updates and still 4.4.0, going to dig through the files and see what’s going on here… Also did a verify operation, it passed just fine

Edit #2 - Ok, I don’t think 4.4.1 has been released yet, I assumed a large update I downloaded this morning was 4.4.1, but I guess I was mistaken, Knack above mentioned the same thing, so it must be a separate update I was unaware of I guess.

My engine version on the actual exe says: 4.4.0-2237849
Am I correct in assuming this is a separate update I just downloaded Epic? or did the 4.4.1 update not get re-numbered correctly?

Since that strange 4.4.0 update yesterday, my project based on the vehicle template will no longer load into the editor. It says that it needs to be recompiled but when you try to do that it gives you another error message about a vehiclegameloadingscreen not being able to compile to sends you back to the launcher. So for now my project is dead. Hopefully when I have to clone it to 4.4.1 it will fix the problem.

I went through the same process last night and have the same issue. That was an awfully big download (over a Gig) and I assumed that it was 4.4.1 but my launcher still shows 4.4.0 (and yes, multiple restarts of the launcher and computer) and I can’t find anything on the forums about a 4.4.0 update. Any info from Epic would be helpful.

Guys, are you adding the extra command switches at the end of the target path?

Right click your launcher shortcut and go to properties, in the “Target” section, add this applabel to the end of the target after the quotationmarks:


After that and launching it should enable you to get 4.4.1

See your thread for details, I replied to it for you! :slight_smile:

Ok there is an update there now, but I just downloaded an update of the same size this morning without using any command switches (never have needed those before, is this new?)

EDIT: seems this allows you to download the preview version of 4.4.1, not the actual version 4.4.1 hotfix…

There was an update earlier but it wasn’t 4.4.1. It seemed to replace 4.4.0 but it just came along on the same day as this hotfix so it was confusing. 4.4.1 isn’t out yet, this is the latest patch(hotfix) we have and it’s a preview.