4.27.2 Hotfix Released

The 4.27.2 Hotfix is now live!

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Fixed in 4.27.2

Issue Summary
UE-135360 Crash when loading a level with the niagara editor open.
UE-135264 Reflex BP library inclusion
UE-135052 Black screen when playing in editor with Android Vulkan preview with VR Template
UE-134952 Packages do NOT automatically start when performing a LaunchOn for iOS and tvOS devices
UE-134906 No audio when coming back from background on iOS 15
UE-134900 Key input by Sequencer is missing in FBX output of parent-child actors
UE-134873 nDisplay - Enabling verbose logging would sometimes cause sync errors related to game time.
UE-134675 GetDefaultBrush crash opening levels with 2 WorldSettings
UE-134608 Platform Stats are not populated by information in material editor on Mac
UE-134584 Trying PIE the level causes warnings Accessed None trying to read property SceneCaptureComponent2D and getting Black viewport with a lot of errors
UE-134545 4.27 release does not contain UnrealVS for VS2022
UE-134424 No sound plays when using Oculus Spatialization Plugin
UE-134421 No sound plays when using Built-In Spatialization or Simple ITD plugins
UE-134348 Crash when adding Rectangle Lights to a game with multiple players while Raytracing is enabled
UE-134345 Machine with only Visual Studio 2022 fails to generate project files with default configuration in 4.27
UE-134304 All sRGB textures are broken on M1 Macs
UE-134268 GitHub 8592 : Trying to unbind from wrong delegate.
UE-134255 Game framerate decreases over time on macOS Monterey
UE-134235 Crash when attempting to launch with -game
UE-134093 Levels with ChildActor hierarchies greater than 4 deep can crash on load
UE-134035 Solidworks - Color is not being transferred both via Sync and Auto Sync via Direct Link
UE-133991 Solidworks direct link: does not support modification of features on assembly
UE-133990 Solidworks directlink : moving a part from an assembly makes it disappear
UE-133988 Solidworks DirectLink Assigning a material on a part in an assembly does not sync
UE-133941 Alias importer does not recognise Alias 2021.3.1 version
UE-133702 Python 3.7 _ctypes depends on libffi.so.6 which is not found on newer Ubuntu versions
UE-133509 WinGDK DX11 non-unity compile errors
UE-133503 When the EOS login requires refreshing, request the platform auth token when EAS is not being used
UE-133482 Actor label is shorten if its length is bigger than 50 chars
UE-133438 Add a missing implementation of find by id for sessions
UE-133425 Crash caused by not threadsafe use of FCodecPacket in PixelStreamingVideoEncoder
UE-133338 Missing region copy in Vulkan RHI to support multiviewports in nDisplay
UE-133251 Fix a bug of mismatch depth access from modulated shadow
UE-133122 Package for distribution fails to compile game target.
UE-133113 Sequencer frame range progression is not continuous
UE-133033 Black screen on some iOS devices when project has MobileHDR disabled
UE-133025 Memory Leaks in Data Interfaces
UE-132975 nDisplay - Crash when setting Vioso projection policy
UE-132930 Datasmith Material Std_Translucent is missing its Normal Map properties
UE-132915 Direct Link: Crash when loading GLTF file from destination source
UE-132901 Set Texture Object on Niagara Components no longer works for render targets.
UE-132885 Rhino Datasmith plugin - UI - Wrong labels when reducing toolbar
UE-132841 Lightcard are casting shadows and should not.
UE-132833 path tracer show flag is disabled in shipping builds
UE-132817 Fix to have GetEpicAccountIdAsync always fire its delegate
UE-132764 Take Recorder warning when closing take recorder and reopening sequencer
UE-132757 Pixel Streaming crashes when running AMD
UE-132744 OSS Steam: SteamSocket listen connections do not work after poll group changes
UE-132596 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-NiagaraEditorWidgets!FNiagaraDataInterfaceMeshRendererInfoDetails::GenerateRendererList()
UE-132568 Pixel Streaming scripts do not work on non-AWS clouds and are not accepting additional arguments.
UE-132554 GitHub 8544 : Post Session creation, setting the SessionId in the named session list.
UE-132548 Session can be seen in the portal but not in the a user
UE-132540 Unable to set Mesh Renderer Info source renderer
UE-132486 USD - Incorrect skeletal animations
UE-132484 OnlineSubsystemEOS doesn’t cleanup session on lobby join fail
UE-132432 Remote Control - Rebind all button is missing
UE-132428 [CAD Import]-Asset Reimport doesn’t update geometry modifications
UE-132405 Datasmith - Revit: geometry and material ids change on resync
UE-132399 Gamepads no longer work in tvOS15
UE-132392 Naviswork - wrong number version in runtime info. (4.27.2)
UE-132313 Linker error caused by duplicate symbols in HardwareEncoders
UE-132157 Update engine version to 4.27.2
UE-132133 Remote Control API - Tempalte panel does not rebind properties in color list
UE-132106 Remote Control API - Rebind to unbound properties returns an empty list
UE-132101 Switchboard - GenerateProjectFiles should not be attempted if Build Engine is disabled
UE-132072 Several STR-106 violations detected
UE-131989 Setting correct value for LocalUserId options field in QueryStats
UE-131978 GitHub 8524 : Fix for infinite loop in FRealtimeGPUProfilerFrame::FNameSet
UE-131976 Duplicate iccp chunk warnings for 4 pngs
UE-131975 Sequencer crashes when using Transform variable added to Scene component BP
UE-131963 UBT does not generate VS2022 project files by default
UE-131849 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Crash when trying to export brep with subobject material
UE-131839 Switchboard - cwrsync fstab file missing from installed build
UE-131800 Nondeterminism when Serializing Sound Waves
UE-131780 Crash adding a module to an emitter with nodes that have been copy/pasted from another build
UE-131731 LDR crashes editor on Mac
UE-131722 DerivedDataCacheCommandlet is skipping some assets, causing incomplete fill of DDC
UE-131716 Default material is present even if it is not used by the mesh
UE-131542 Fix the error generated by attempting to add an empty keyword list to a EOS lobby’s attributes
UE-131541 Fix the missing user auth for reading leaderboards around a given rank
UE-131540 Fix ReadLeaderboardsAroundRank always returning false
UE-131538 AutoLogin should only check for EAS login credentials when the OSS is configured to use EAS
UE-131537 Fix GetLoginStatus() not responding the bUseEAS flag and returning false when EAS is disabled
UE-131514 WinGDK does not enable PSO caching
UE-131503 Remote Control Preset - Crash when calling OpenLevel function remotely
UE-131498 Remote Control - doesn’t work with actors on different levels
UE-131423 Crash scrubbing media track
UE-131410 UpdateTexture2D_RenderThread using wrong size when running on RHI thread
UE-131401 Crash in simulate - scene capture/texture share?
UE-131396 Crash - Related to Geometry Cache Actor?
UE-131354 Creating a Blank BP Project with Starter Content Loads Into an Empty Level
UE-131314 USD Stage - Crash when importing three_solids.usda file
UE-131249 Switchboard - disable ensure setting needs to be added to 4.27.2
UE-131206 Crash adding subscene to a looped subscene - MovieSceneSequenceTransform.h - WarpCounts.Num() == NestedTransformsSize
UE-131190 Landscape Sample Data Interface only returns 0s for Value variables
UE-131168 Vioso / DM json based overrides ignored
UE-131167 MPCDI Projection policy missing origin parameter
UE-131093 GitHub 8477 : Update HLMedia plugin to work with DX12
UE-131057 DMX - Output console, delete icon from a fader removes the last created fader and not the selected one
UE-130950 Despawning or Converting to Spawnable/Possessable a BP with a Control Rig Component causes incorrect mapping
UE-130875 DXGI? - Crash in editor and -game. D3D Device removed?
UE-130871 UMG animations don’t restore state when calling PlayAnimation
UE-130790 FBulkDataBase::CreateStreamingRequest crashing on inline data
UE-130753 GitHub 8467 : [iOS15] Use xctrace instead of instruments to support xcode 13
UE-130680 SkeletalMeshRenderData: Fix log statements
UE-130679 UnrealPak -diff always declares PakEntry1Invalid
UE-130657 Crash hit when closing out of Vulkan Mobile Preview (PIE)
UE-130642 Sketchup crashes deleting a scene component makes sketchup crash upon a direct link synchronize
UE-130633 USD - Crash when changing framerate of generated level sequence
UE-130580 [CrashReport] STableRow<TSharedPtr<FSCSEditorTreeNode,0> >::OnMouseButtonUp
UE-130380 Solidworks direct link does not work properly
UE-130361 GLTF in datasmith runtime - Crash when loading same file twice…
UE-129930 VR Template Right Menu Button opens menu on the left hand
UE-129915 Crash Ensure when performing r.HairStrands.DebugMode 6 on the TM-HairAndFur level
UE-129880 Crash in PackagedBuild when using GPU & Data Interfaces
UE-129867 nDisplay Overscan values missing from JSON file
UE-129789 Solidworks exporter does not support scale, scene orientation is different from CAD import and materials are missing
UE-129785 In-Editor Tutorials are unresponsive when selecting them
UE-129764 The materials are not purged using DirectLink
UE-129754 Remote control function filter auto clears out
UE-129751 WaterWaves asset data gets lost when opening an asset authored with UE4.26 on UE4.27
UE-129680 Client crash in SWidget::HasMouseCapture
UE-129627 GitHub 8448 : HLMediaPlayer fixes
UE-129605 nDisplay - Output remap result is wrong if user moves viewports
UE-129584 Timecode alignment issues when running at 23.976
UE-129536 CookOnTheFlyServer GetAdditionalCurrentIniVersionStrings: Remove static keyword added by accident; it is blocking the read of console variables after the first.
UE-127955 DatasmithRuntime: Crashing on simple UDS file import
UE-127917 Sketchup - Autosync does not function when deleting objects via keyboard Delete button (not hide)
UE-127710 USD file is imported with artifacts
UE-127647 GitHub 8429 : Vulkan.Build.cs: Fixed VulkanSDK search path
UE-127452 MPCDI lib should use engine’s libraries
UE-127361 HairStrandsVoxelization ClearBuffer issue in 4.27 with MH-attached Grooms converted from 4.26
UE-127318 UBT Ignores Symlinks for Mac When Packaging
UE-127208 Load order change can result in classes not loading correctly, can lead to crash
UE-127137 UE4Editor-ControlRig!AControlRigControlActor::RemoveUnbindDelegate() [ControlRigControlActor.cpp:52]
UE-127105 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION UE4Editor-TextureShare.dll!FTextureShareModule::SendPostRender_RenderThread()
UE-127039 Direct Link - Revit - Crash synchronizing after resizing section box
UE-126919 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Fail to export Rhino 7 Mac
UE-126886 Crash when undoing resetting a Curve Data Interface to its default value
UE-126833 USD Stage - Animated USD Clipping in Camera Frustum
UE-126574 Crash when changing Render Scale of Erode Transform Pass
UE-126542 USD - Sublayer not rendered upon reloading stage
UE-126492 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FSlateTextureRenderTarget2DResource::InitDynamicRHI() [SlateTextures.cpp:342]
UE-126484 [CrashReport] static void DispatchCheckVerify<void,<lambda_d24db9228de6de8f00fd80737dd7cbe1> >
UE-126277 Mobile Joysticks snap to edge upon any input
UE-126237 GitHub 8382 : Fixed:Virtual joystick always clamp
UE-125931 ODSC - Launching a newly created project via UnrealFrontend fails to load some materials and crashes
UE-125930 HiResScreenshot has incorrect masking when screenshot resolution scale does not match the viewport.
UE-125073 Splitscreen View2 influences translucency in view 1
UE-123648 DEVICE LOST alt+tabbing in example project
UE-122046 QAGame crashes on Linux when enabling Ray Tracing and Support Compute Skin Cache
UE-121026 Remote Control API - WebApp Support NodeJS v16
UE-120807 Crash in FGeometryCacheStreamingManager::UpdateResourceStreaming()
UE-120355 Light card guide spline twists at vertical point
UE-120240 CADWorker Memory leak ?
UE-120237 Frame rate drops drastically when ICVFX Screen Percentage is increased and does not recover when reverted
UE-119869 VCAM 2.0 - No signal on iPad from Mac OSX
UE-119684 ArchiCad - Export/Import- Tags seems incomplete in details
UE-119683 ArchiCad - DirectLink - Tags appears twice
UE-119537 GAME option of GenerateProjectFiles.bat does NOT work properly
UE-119411 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MetalRHI!FMetalRenderPass::RestartRenderPass(mtlpp::RenderPassDescriptor) [MetalRenderPass.cpp:327]
UE-118993 Exporting assets hangs on pressing ‘Save’ button when replacing asset
UE-118526 Web Remote Control Interface Widgets Breaking Grid on iPad
UE-117578 Adding or removing viewport in the nDisplay config isn’t reflected in outliner’s details panel
UE-117314 SketchUp - Crash when streaming the same 3D model from Sketchup to UE twice
UE-116023 Render crashes when 3D Text plugin generating text meshes on Mobile - VertexFactory.cpp] [Line: 210] Vertex buffer was not initialized! Stream 2, Stride 4, Name ColorOnly Mesh Vertices
UE-115699 Crash on multi viewport when streaming in sub level with rect lights
UE-114755 Media Tracks - Playback hitches across loop points, sequence loop end, and splits.
UE-113767 [CrashReporter] UE4Editor-SlateCore!SWidget::Paint(FPaintArgs const &,FGeometry const &,FSlateRect const &,FSlateWindowElementList &,int,FWidgetStyle const &,bool) [SWidget.cpp:1390]
UE-109017 Editor directs documentation to a URL that is not available when packaging for a platform with no SDK
UE-82249 Remove FPlatformMisc::SetEpicAccountId() API from UE4
UE-76783 Explicitly named Nodes in InstalledEngineBuild.xml for UE4Client and UE4Server