4.26 Paint clouds is not working

In Paint_Clouds level,I can only use Velocity mode, the Density mode is not working.

Same issue here. Also getting a massive snapping size when painting with velocity.

Having the same issue, I managed to get this working when 4.26 was in preview but now for the life of me can’t get the density working.

One thing I have noticed though is that it seems to work with some of the included cloud materials and not others. For me M_VolumetricCloud_02_Profiles_Soft/Billowy and M_VolumetricCloud_02_Profiles_PaintClouds_Small work whereas the PaintClouds_Morning materials do not.

I think I’ve figured out whats going on. Some of the volumetric cloud materials have a specific render target already in the material graph. You need to swap out that Render Target for the render target listed in your Paint Clouds actor.

Hey! That’s great thanks! Helped me resolve my issue with painting clouds. I don’t know if you have come across the issue where whatever you have painted just disappears the next time you open up the project though, even though you have saved everything before closing.

yeah, rendertarget textures are “resetted” when you reopen, they are only stored temporarily (simple speaking),… I did a small workaround; when painting to your rendertarget,… and when you’re “done”,… you need to convert your rendertarget texture to a normal texture (via right click drop down and choose “create static texture”) and swap the rendertarget texture out with the static one,… best is, create a material instance of your “cloud parent mat” and expose the texture slot (the texture object/s that have the rendertarget applied) to a parameter,…