4.26 Disable teleport on level open, re-enable on button press

Hi There,

I’m struggling to disable the teleport on a level. I’ve been following the suggestion in this post: VR disable teleport during level sequence & have tried to use this function Function to disable teleport posted by Moddisms | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4. But I’m obviously doing something wrong and apologies as I’m still quite new to Unreal and VR development.

I’m working with the VR template in 4.26 and I’ve been trying to add the ‘Set Teleport Enbled’ function to the Motion Controller Pawn, I’m calling it on begin play and I’m casting to the pawn from the level bp. But it doesn’t seem to turn off the teleport. I’ve uploaded my blueprints and I don’t suppose anyone can see the mistake I’m making?

Once I can get this working I would like to turn the telporting back on using a button press and I presume that I can do this by again casting to the motion controller pawn?

Thanks so much