4.24 & 4.25 lighting bug [build lighting] - fbx attached

unreal 4.24 and 4.25 have lighting bug

fbx file attached

this problem began from 4.24

Dropbox - test.fbx - Simplify your life

Do you have mesh distance fields on?

no its off !

Hi, mate did you find any solution? I have similar problems trying to move a project from 4.23 to 4.24.2. I paste here a link to my post. Pixelated artifacts in lightmaps - Architectural and Design Visualization - Unreal Engine Forums

Set it to two-sided, either in the details for lighting or in the material edtior details for those. It might solve it, but it probably isn’t the best solution if it is one.

again 4.25 has same problem :mad::mad::mad:

Was there bug actually reported? What is the racket number please?

I’m linking my thread here, which I realize is also related to baking issues in 4.24: Weird black blotches with masked material - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Hopefully epic fixes this in 4.25, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with the beta.

If no bug is filed on it, its doubtful the unreal team will know to go and fix it…

I just filled one, but am I supposed to receive an issue number? Or maybe I filled the bug at the wrong place. Unreal Engine Community ?

It is not instantaneous, it takes a while. I submitted a bug a while back and after about a week I got an email with a bug tracker number.

I submitted a bug a week ago, took less than 24 hours to get added to the tracker and it was fixed within 2 days.

The point is it takes time. Mine went straight to backlogged. No doubt they prioritize mission critical bugs (for example: crashes) over smaller ones.

I think speed depends more on what team the bug belongs to.
The render team is pretty spot on - after all, they do have the engine that tends to produce the best looking results (alas sacrificing performance).

Glad it’s fixed, thanks for letting us know @ZacD