4.19 Unknown Cook Failure for weeks (No idea)

Here are some knowns:

  • We’re on 4.19 (Source build with a few modifications)
  • We use FMOD
  • We recently made some changes to HUD widgets that access game state.
  • We’ve tried deleting Saved, Intermediate, Binaries a dozen times, rolling back files to the last known working build and it still fails almost permanently now.
  • Tried starting over with a new engine.

We have a big release coming up in December/January and we feel desperate like we have to migrate to 4.21 just to hope bug fixes save us from unknown cook fail. Logs seem to have nothing of use, the warnings that are there have been around for months and it still cooked/worked fine, there’s actually less of them now.

We have no idea how to get back on track.

Logs from UAT, game and engine attached.link text

link text

link text