4.15 Foliage don´t loock good

I’ve just updated to 4.15 and now my foliage don´t loock good.
I have a lot of flicker and strange things that I did not have in the older version of UE4
What should I do to get my foliage to look good again?

I found following explanation of why the foliage in Unreal Editor 4.15 doesn’t look as good as in 4.14 on the FAQ page for the AirSim project:

Unreal 4.15 added the ability for Foliage LOD dithering to be disabled on a case-by-case basis by unchecking the Dithered LOD Transition checkbox in the foliage materials. Note that all materials used on all LODs need to have the checkbox checked in order for dithered LOD transitions to work. When checked the transition of generated foliage will be a lot smoother and will look better than 4.14.

I haven’t tried this out myself yet, but enabling the checkbox for every piece of foliage should make your foliage look even better than in 4.14! If you find out how to ‘mass enable’ this checkbox, please report back here for future reference.