4.13 Release Preview - Aug 4th -Live at Epic HQ

It’s most likely something that will be implemented on top of the existing shadow volume framework so unless they are aiming at something super optimized or highly customizable it shouldnt be that time consuming to add on.
It guess it all depends on a million factors but you sure hope they have a reason for ignoring this request for so long. In fact, alembic cache / importing sounds like something that would take a lot more time actually.

oooh that’s quite nice! this will probably be faster and more accurate than my code :smiley:

Yeah, unless they tell us why we won’t know for certain but I doubt they are ignoring the number of requests. I feel Epic has been really good at listening to its users. I’d love to see updates to the volumetric fog and lighting systems as I’m huge into atmospherics. Actually haven’t dived into it in Unreal yet, but it’s something I’ve relied on in the past to set the mood of my environments.

Me too! Actually there are a bunch of plugins but i’d much rather use native support. Please go in and vote on the trello task , it’s marked Volumetric Fog / Light and is in rendering tasks.
Rendering light shafts with shaded planes only take you so far and feels a bit limiting. Done right real dynamic volumetric light shouldnt even need to be that expensive.

I’m using video textures to map animations on (big) screens for VR event previews. Now that the media framework got updated, what video codec would you suggest for best performance on windows? Does media playback still cut the framerate in half? Until 4.12 I used WMVs because it seemed to be the most stable from my tests. But the compression looks terrible. Any suggestions?

How does the engine team decide what features to develop next and what features go into the next engine release?
How do engine teams and game teams interact with each other and how do they shape the future of the engine?
How does project management work within Epic Games?

as always, I am at work and probably missed the answers to my questions :frowning:

I was asking the following on Twitch.

Will the following make it into 4.13:

  • Oculus Mobile SDK 1.0.3
  • Multiview rendering for Gear VR (it’s in mobile SDK 1.0.3)
  • Oculus 3D audio spatializer for Android (Gear VR)
  • Option to disable dithering between LODs for HISMCs and foliage
  • Baked lighting support for foliage and HISMCs

Also was asking if vertex animation is done on GPU or CPU and if it will be supported for Android (in non-VR and VR)

Hopefully [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] can post answers here, por favor :o

Hey [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] @DarkVeil (is this Mike’s username? not sure…):

I was the one who asked the question about Clip Plane support for the updated 2D Scene Capture in 4.13.
Here is the PR for the 2d Clip Plane:

Thanks for looking into it! :slight_smile:

EDIT: In case you were wondering how this would be used, here’s a post by @TK-Master explaining it:

Great stream!

[Question] Is there plans to support Demo recorded files into Sequencer? Please say yes! =)

Great Stream. :smiley:

Got a question or two though -

Hey will World Origin Shifting for Multiplayer make it into Unreal 4.13 or is the current build feature locked?

Pull request here

Second question -

Would it be possible to code review the Toon Shader for Unreal currently on Github?

Updated my post

Could anyone tell me how to set up the new WidgetInteraction to work? I attached it to the controller and checked the box “Debug”, so I could see the red line. but it is not interacting with 3D widgets at all…waiting for help~ >-<

Any news on volumetric light and fog?

So many nice features in 4.13.

How can MSAA sampling amount (x2/x4/x8) be set on the new forward shading mode?

“r.MSAACount X” is how you set it. Remember that MSAA is not in 4.13, it’s only in master.

Is media playback or video playback working on the mac yet or not? gmpreussner said he was working on it last week?

I take it as none of that will be in 4.13


I really need this, too.

Hey guys – thanks for watching our stream!

One correction from a feature I highlighted: The “particle cutout” tech didn’t end up making it into the 4.13 branch as we had thought. It still works for flipbooks of course, but not for every type of particle. We’ll have to wait for 4.14 for that one.

However no worries – there are quite a few other cool 4.13 features that I didn’t even highlight on the stream, such as Mesh Decals! Stay tuned for the full release notes in a few weeks.



Could you guys please add an option to disable dithered transition between LODs on HISMCs and foliage in 4.13 ? It really is a performance hog in VR (mobile VR in particular).

I think you can set the “foliage.DitheredLOD 0” console variable to disable dithering of HISMC and foliage, even in 4.12.