4.13 project converted to 4.15 Visual Differences


first of all, thanks for using my cave package :slight_smile:
Second, in 4.15 they changed the tonemapper which influences color quite a bit, especially for emissive content.
Additionally bloom is also tweaked.

For information and workarounds, please check out:

I’ve just finished converting a 4.13 project to 4.15 and I immediately noticed how visually different and worse the 4.15 project looks. The 4.15 project looks darker, far less bloom, and emissive materials looked washed out. Has anyone else encountered this? Has anything changed in 4.14/4.15 that would cause these visual differences? I’ve compared project rendering settings and post processing settings and both seem to be identical for each project. I also rebuilt lighting at production quality. Any help is appreciated.

I don’t know if this is related but I’ve also had serious performance issues on another map in 4.15 that I didn’t have in the 4.13 version. Like Shadow Depths taking up 30-40ms of frame time.


Did you pinpoint the cause of the Shadow Depths issue? We are seeing the exact same thing after upgrading from 4.13 to 4.15.