[4.13.0] AI MoveToLocation no longer working

Hi all,

Just updated my project to 4.13.0 to experiment with the new features. Whilst the game is intact and no major issues are evident, the MoveToLocation call no longer functions. The result in the code is “Success”, but the AI characters are no longer working correctly and are just standing still. The navigation mesh is working as intended and generating during runtime and all settings on the CharacterMovement component seem OK.

Are there any new settings I should be aware of? The changelog doesn’t have much regarding navigation when compared to everything else.



hey I just have something to add hopefully its related , I’ve noticed my ai move to node in one of my btt tasks now results in a super slow walk ( almost like its colliding with something ) since updating to 4.13

This node is a constant source of issues for many times the engine is updated to new version.
I’ve seen it broken/fixed many many times already…

Same happened to me. “AI Move To” takes the sequence to “Fail” each time. In last patch it worked fine.

same here, but happen in blueprints.

I managed to solve my problem a while ago so I thought I would post an answer in case people are still having issues with this. Prior to 4.13, you could tell the AI to move to the same location every frame and it will work fine. However, now, you need to only call it once, otherwise the movement functionality in the AI classes will reset each time - hence my enemies standing still.

I added some logic that only called the AI move function if the distance between the player’s location and the AI’s player “known” location is greater than a set threshold.