[4.12] Planar reflections do not reflect Exponential Height Fog

Tested planar reflections on 4.12 branch and I noticed that they do not reflect Exponential Height Fog.

Exponential Height Fog disabled looks proper:

Exponential Height Fog enabled looks bad:

Hi dgrieshofer,

There are some features that are not yet supported for Planar Reflections actors. Atmospheric and Exponential Height Fog being one that doesn’t apply correctly.

Thank you!


Do you know when this will be fixed? It’s not working in 4.13 either.

Kind regards

It’s working as far as I can tell in 4.13.0 latest binary release.


Hi Tim,

It’s not working with me unfortunately, could it be something else that I’m overlooking? The reflection is not affected by the fog at all :frowning: