4.11 IOS issues

I am on a Macbook Pro running OS X El Capitan

I am having a couple of major issues with the iOS ES2 preview rendering mode.

The first and biggest issue is that my skeletal meshes are exploding. I thought that maybe it was because I recently converted from 4.10 but then I tried the 4.11 Side Scroller template and the default character for that game explodes too (in the ES2 preview).

(To be safe I checked and my skeletal mesh has under 75 bones)

Also the skylight doesn’t do much in ES2 I have to scale it’s intensity x10 to get comparable lighting to 4.10 and this blows out certain parts of the screen and makes the Shader Model 4 preview completely white.

Are these known issues? Is there any way I can fix these by changing my engine settings or will I need to wait for a hotfix?

Hey rotoslinger,

Could you provide me with some screenshots and some simple reproducible steps to get the issues you are reporting, to appear on my end?

It is hard to determine the course of action you can take as of yet, but once I get some steps and screenshots we can find a solution.

Thank you,

Hi Andrew,

Reproducing the skeletal mesh issue should be easy.

on a machine running OSX version 10.11.3

Create a new project and select the side side scroller template.

Use the mobile option with no starter content.

Everything looks fine in shader model 4 but upon switching to es2 the skeletal mesh collapses.

Something similar happens in my own project with my own skeletal mesh.

I am having trouble reproducing the lighting issue, so hopefully I can delete my old lighting and start fresh, but I will update if I find anything. It is difficult to debug because 4.11 is crashing so often in the es2 shader model.

Thank you

To reproduce the lighting issue just add a sky sphere and sky light and directional light and make both dynamic also add some textured objects to the scene, I can’t notice the issue as much with primitives.

I attached a screen of my scene in 4.10 and the exact same scene in 4.11 both using the es2 mobile preview, there is a pretty big difference.

Hey rotoslinger,

I appreciate your patience while I was testing this issue. I actually came across a blocker that is preventing me from testing the Preview Rendering Level for iOS ES2. I was consistently crashing out of the editor while the computer attempted to switch rendering levels, which has now been reported (UE-29170).

I am going to need to find another compatible and similar machine to run an accurate test in regards to both issues you are reporting. Once I have done so, I will return with an update. If you have further questions or comments, please let me know.

Thank you,

Thank you for the update.

Hi Andrew,
I was wondering if there has been any progress testing this issue?

I was able to get through the testing phase and got some results and responses from the developers.

In regards to the Skylight issue, there are known issues with the Skylight not receiving indirect light bounces which is why your scenes look so different. This should have been fixed in the most recent release, which occurred today. Try testing in 4.11.2 to see if the issue still occurs.

In regards to the Skeletal Mesh issue, you can only use the Experimental ES3.1 emulation using Metal - the ES2 emulation assumes that bone data will be in uniform buffers but Metal shaders are always ES3.1+ so they use UAV buffers." which may be why the skeletal mesh can’t be seen. Enabling the experimental ES3.1 made the skeletal mesh show back up.

Once the bug (UE-29170) has been fixed and integrated, it will be added the list of known and reported issues for the next upcoming major release or hotfix.


Thank you so much!

Unfortunately the Skylight issue is still present in 4.11.2