[4.10] Mobile no reflections at all


As far as I’ve heard cube map reflections are supported on mobile devices. I have a very basic scene and can’t get them to work at all. My lights and objects are set as stationary. There is probably somethign silly I’m over looking, if anyone could point it out that would be great.


Hi borkulous,

I put together a quick scene on my end to test this, but I’m seeing everything working as intended with the reflection capture and skylight in the scene.

Is this only happening in your project here, or if you create a new level do the reflection work for your mobile device?

I only tested this on a Galaxy Note 4, but it should work for all mobile devices regardless.

Let me know what you find when trying a new project and level.


Hi Tim, thank for trying this out for me. I started with a fresh project with just one map on 4.10.3. I went into project settings and configured for android, then set the preview rendering level to android preview. At this point the reflections dispear. Also if i build to my Galaxy Tab S there are no refelections.

I’ve zipped up the project if you want to take a look.


Oops replied on the wrong account ^ is me :slight_smile:

No worries.

I tried the project and launched to the Galaxy Note 4 without any issue. Here is a screenshot directly from the device with your project

As you can see I’m getting the reflections in the scene.

Looking at the project settings there doesn’t appear to be anything that should limit it from working. Double check that your project settings > Target Platform
is using Maximum Quality and that under the Project Settings > Rendering > Mobile HDR is enabled. without this you will get lower quality settings and lose some rendering capability intended for use with low end devices.

I double checked those settings and there were already set up as you suggested. This is what I see on my device:

What do you get if you rebuild the lighting? Change the lighting to simply static, and not stationary/dynamic.

Also, list here any devices you’re testing on with relevant information about the android build they are using, please.

Thanks Tim, I was able to get the reflections working in my test project by building the lighting. What caused some of my confusion is that in my main project, building lighting while in android preview mode would not work. I switched to shader v5, build lighting then switched back. Reflections are working fine now.

One quick question if you dont mind:

We are intending to bake out static lighting info into our textures using vray which means ue4 will only be responcible for specular and reflection information. To do this we will disable “Use With Static Lighting” in all of our materials and also disable “Force no precomputed lighting” in world settings. Is this a correct procedure for our purpose?

Thanks again for your help