4.10 Features and November Game Jam Results - Live from Epic HQ

Technical Director Mike Fricker and Platform Lead Josh Adams join the livestream this week to talk about the updates in Unreal Engine 4.10, available now via the Epic Games Launcher. Also, we’ll have the November #ue4jam results in - tune in to watch us play the winning games, and check out all the games made in a little over three days on the submission thread.
Thursday, Nov. 19 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Sr. Community Manager - @iveytron](https://twitter.com/iveytron)
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](http://twitter.com/UnrealAlexander)
Mike Fricker - Technical Director - @mike_fricker](https://twitter.com/mike_fricker)
Josh Adams - Lead Programmer, Platform - @joshbadams](https://twitter.com/joshbadams)

Let’s hear your questions for 4.10!

Looking forward to it! Will there be more cats? :wink:

I do have a question, though not about 4.10 specifically: Now that you’ve embedded support for Steam VR, might you be planning to expand upon the Steam OnlineSubsystem soon? If so, will you be expanding blueprints support?

How is implementation of DX12 going ? Do you have an ETA ? :slight_smile:

I know the focus is on 4.10, but I’d be super interested in any information on some of the stuff floating around in the engine that seems tantalizingly half implemented – gameplay tags (which seems to be related to AI), tasks, and most of all, Niagara.

^^^^^^^^^ This. Big important in my mind.

Mike Fricker in the stream.This is good news !

Great to see another stream with Mike!

I’d like to throw these questions in too, please.

[question] How is the BP to C++ conversion tool / option going?

And would a conversion tool that could go back & forth from BP to C++ code be possible?

[question] On BP communication could you explain exactly what a ‘Cast’ is or does? Always figured it was just a pointer that creates a reference to another BP object (class) but would like your explanation of what it is.
(first question that I get asked when someone starts BPs & first problem someone new has)

and wouldn’t there be a more eloquent or a quicker, easier way to do this? we can create variables from any class type in a game, wouldn’t just creating a variable work or should work? and why was the ‘Cast’ system in BPs chosen? (wasn’t in 4.4 or other version, that you could just declare a variable public or global and just use it, whatever happened to that anyway)

[question] Will we be staying on 4.10 until most of the bugs and any stability issues are taken care of ?

Note: also add +100 to that question on how Niagara is coming along!