4.10.4 crashes once lighting 100% builds

Whenever I build my lighting it reaches 100% and then crashes the editor and brings up this reporter

Strangely this only happens if the directional light in my scene is set to stationary, This has happened on two different PCs, one with 16gb of RAM and one with 12, on a fairly small scene. I also checked to see if removing some actors helped, but it seems it is nothing to do with having too much stuff. Other projects I have work fine building directional lights, its just this one : ( If anyone knows what might be causing this that would be mega helpful.

Do you have a “Lightmass importance volume” in your scene?

I do yes, its the default one that comes with the third person starter project, same as the directional light.

I didn’t know, that you ment this map, you didn’t tell from this.

Did it work some time ago? On my Computer I can build light in the thirdperson map. (I have 8GB RAM)

yup : ) it worked fine for ages and then suddenly stopped building. I’ve added new stuff to the map but haven’t changed the lights of lightmass importance volume or anything.

You can try to copy all actors (with strg+a) and create a new map, where you pase these actors and then build light again.

You can also try to delete all actors (please make a Backup :wink: ) and build lights. If this works, it could be possible, that some actors makes this crash.

Did you chanage some options in the “Swarm agent”, this is also a possibility to let UE4 chrash.

I actually tried that and it works as long as I dont rotate the directional light, if I rotate that at all it wont build. I haven’t touched swarm agent either.

Then I only have one Idea… Reinstall Unrealengine.

Hello Parapo -

I am not seeing your crash in our system, can you insure that you have submitted your crash report and make sure that you check the machine IDs for both machines, they will be different and post it back here. Also it would be helpful to have the DXDIAGs for both machines as well.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum