[4.10.2] OnlineSessionInterfaceSteam.cpp Breakpoints

I’m trying to trigger breakpoints inside of FOnlineSessionSteam::StartSession(FName SessionName) to figure out what it is receiving as SessionName and why that always triggers the UE_LOG_ONLINE(Warning, TEXT("Can't start an online game for session (%s) that hasn't been created"), *SessionName.ToString());

Problem is when I do F5 to debug the game using DebugGame and win64, breakpoints turn white with the message “The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.”

Do I need to download the engine source for this to work? I thought that was no longer required with the latest UE4 versions.


can you DEBUG properly if you set the VS Solution config to “Development Editor”?

Edit: sry, I though you were already running UE4 from source. If you want to DEBUG properly your Project (deep debug from breakpoints…) then I think you should get UE4 full source code and build it from scratch…

I thought the latest Unreal Engine versions (4.9 and up) made it so you did not need to download the source to debug.

Would like to hear from a staff member if I was wrong. Starting to run out of space and would like to avoid having to get the full source of the engine as well :stuck_out_tongue: