3d widget actor doesn't work when under another actor as a child

I have a widget blueprint that works perfectly fine while in the world on it’s own, it breaks when I make it a child under another actor, could someone explain a fix or work around for this as I don’t fully understand why this wouldn’t work.

Works fine on my end, it’s interactive and behaves correctly:

  • actor with a Widget Component
  • the above actor attached to something else as ChildActor

Can you include some details? What does not work (“widget breaks” does not cut it), how you set it up and what you expect from it?


This is a widget actor seperate on its own placed in the world and works properly and functions as it should, although when I added it to another actor which contains multiple actors the code that makes the widget work breaks completely, it could have something to do with the line tracing from the widget interaction comp as it doesnt seem to show the pointer when I attempt to click.

The widget interaction component shows a red dot on the actor on its own but when its connected to another object it doesn’t show the debug red dot, which leads me to believe it’s to do with tracing.

As seen in this the one on the left has the red dot symbolising that the trace is working although on the right where its connected to another actor as a child it doesn’t show up therefore it doesn’t function at all.

Update: It seems to only be on certain actors that it breaks, which means it’s some type of option that’s been changed or something.

It may have little to do with the widget itself.

I added it to another actor which
contains multiple actors the code that
makes the widget work breaks

How likely is it that something else intercepts the line trace - one of other present objects. Can you show how you set it up? Are you using object channels here? Channels allow you to check against specific objects types.

For example you do not want your bullets to collide with grass but grass should collide with player’s feet. You can solve it using collision channels.

Or is there not tracing involved at all?

It involves a simple widget interaction component which is set on my character-blueprint and a blueprint actor set up using the same steps in this video: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Widget Interaction Component 4.13 - YouTube , I apologize if what i’m saying is a bit confusing i’m rather new to this stuff but regardless. I seem to have corrected the problem by recreating the main blueprint which stores the multiple actors, the widget seems to interact fine now but I still have absolutely NO idea why it broke in the first place.

I HAVE resolved the issue, it turns out that the box collision I had around my object was preventing me from accessing the terminal and I will need to quickly find work around, I would like to thank you for the attempted assistance and bid you a goodnight.