360 StereoPano Export Method

Tested again with 4.11.0 Preview 7 and I didn’t experience any crashes or hanging. It output all of my frames in my test scene. Will report back if there are any issues with my final scene which will be more complex. Thanks again!

EDIT: After further tests, I discovered that frames start to skip in the renders after 10 seconds or so. I need to create something longer and it seems it’s not possible with this tool. It’s impossible to render out different chunks of frames as the particles won’t match up. There’s also a huge seam where the left and right side of the frame meets, which I don’t know how to resolve. Hope somebody else has found a solution to these limitations.

EDIT_02: To minimize slowdown, if you turn off ‘Real Time’ in the viewport and change the lighting to ‘Unlit’, even if the capture textures are at 2K, it’s not too bad to navigate.

EDIT_03: I was able to export out footage over 20 seconds, just make sure a lot of other programs are closed and there is as much free RAM as possible. But particles still don’t draw on one side, which I believe is a limitation to Matinee’s ‘Save Movie’ function and not related to this tool.

I posted some instructions for the new built-in StereoPano plugin here:!&p=492644&viewfull=1#post492644

Thank you. Glad to see some good info on this. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Will this work also with 4.8.3?

the blueprint option that 3dlight made works with 4.10. the epic plugin works with 4.11.

Great Plugin, just gave it a shot still works on current version. Cheers for the share! :stuck_out_tongue: so fun to play with!

been messing with this all day. tried everything to get it working nicely and finally got something. I’m using an app, Eevo on android, but i think it would work on Youtube and Cardboard:
I used the top bottom camera and rendered it out at 3840x3840 as a png sequence. I took that in AfterEffects and put it in a 3840x2160 comp and stretched it so it fit perfect. When I opened it on my phone it looked great. I could see just one subtle seam but no black holes on top or bottom.

Is it possible to rotate the panocamera so that the object infront of the camera is always closest in view. I’m currently looking for a solution however it appears that my best option is to rotate the whole world. Is there a way I can rotate my my world but only allow the panocamera to see this change, whilst for other cameras the world stays the same?

Hi all and thank you 3dlight!
I discovered a problem with Emissive light object and PanoCam Capture.
Look at the screenshot.


If you view the equirectangular image produced with a 360 viewer the result looks with a bad effect due to the light propagation only in an angle of the image.

Is there any workaround ??

I have been trying to use this to create spherical panos, but when I drop the BP Pano Camera into my scene, my FPS drops to single digits and my MS skyrockets. My scene becomes very very slow. Is there a setting i’m missing to enable this to run smoother?

I have been trying to use this to create spherical panos, but when I drop the BP Pano Camera into my scene, my FPS drops to single digits and my MS skyrockets. My scene becomes very very slow. Is there a setting i’m missing to enable this to run smoother?

Are you making stills ? If so, why would you care for fps ?

I would switch to spherical cam only when taking pano-“screenshot”, while moving around with normal cam when not taking pano-“screenshot” (this is purely theoretical in UE4, but that’s how it’s done in Quake FTE engine)

Sorry, I missed the note about setting the size of the textures down until I’m ready to export. Lowering those and setting the scene to unlit works.

Great plugin by the way! How do I fix the holes at the top and bottom of the video. I have no idea why they appear. Here is a 360 I uploaded on YouTube

Also Can someone post a video tutorial for the StereoPano plugin. I tried to follow instructions “lebek” made but I need more experience in console commands. But if I can figure out how to fix the holes in video this is a great workaround until I can figure out this StereoPano plugin.

Does this work whit Post Process Settings?

can i do just side by side video (not 360 panorama) somehow

Have you tested this with any recent versions of the engine?

Edit: I can confirm the project opens fine in 4.15 however I migrated and loaded things into one of our project that has a very nice looking open world jungle scene, copied the the blueprint into the scene at which point the engine’s ram usage shot up around 50GB of usage and then the engine just gave up on life… There’s no way to use this with complex and large outdoor environments, or none that I could find

@3dlight Hi there!!

I am trying to use your panocam blueprint to export 360º panoramic views of my project. My idea is to automatize this to place the camera in a few positions, exporting 1 panoramic view from each position.

I wanted to ask you:

  • What is actually the last version of your script? because I found one of 2015, and I don’t know if you have it anywhere else.
  • Also, if I just want to export still images, do I need to create the matinee? It exports a lot of images, until I stop it.
  • In order to export panoramic stereo images, have you found any better way to export it without those noticeable seams? I saw your method of using those color masks, but still the 5 seams in the image are very very noticeable, I don’t know if you found any better way to do that :confused:
  • Regarding the highest resolution of the exported image, I need it to be 7680x3840 (or 8192x4096) for each eye. Which file should I edit to change that limitation?

I’m sorry if my questions are dumb… I am pretty new to Unreal and I’m trying to understand it better day by day.
I’ve been trying with Nvidia Ansel, which takes amazing screenshots, but I can’t get a way to launch the screenshot action from Unreal, so I can’t automatize this…

Thank you soo much for your amazing work!