360 StereoPano Export Method

Thx for your quick answer!

Yes, I’ve got a Dk2 but it is not plugged on my computer at the moment.

I tried to animate the chair instead of the camera and it crashes as well.

It seems any animation crashes UE4!

I just tested in a blank 4.10 scene, and animation worked fine for me.

Make sure you are animating the panoCam and not the panoCapture. If you have a scene that you can send, I’ll try to take a look.

I’m actually having a problem with the movie capture from matinee not working in any project, even ones without the pano cam. Did you encounter anything like this while you were working?

3Dlight, do you think you could upload a 8k pano still somewhere for testing because I would really like to see how it looks (using littlstar app) before going into the source code and mod it? That would be neat!

Thanks for your help!

Here is a link to my test scene.

You can load “Minimal_PanoTopBot_Anim” which is a basic scene with the PanoCam animated in matinee.

I tried this scene on a third computer but it’s still crashing.

That’s pretty darn cool. I have a hard time wrapping my head around how the interaxial distance is maintained correctly around the full 360 degrees?


Thanks so much for making this awesome tool available. Everything seems to work fine when up until I actually start to capture, and then my project freezes. Any ideas of how to fix this? Thanks so much, man. I’m using 4.10.

Hi Maxxi! I just tried the scene you sent, and it worked fine on my end. Buut, it Looks like more folks are having this problem. I’m not set up with multiple systems to test with. All I can ask for is some help in troubleshooting.

I’m using a GTX 980 which has 4GB ram. My system is running with 16GB of ram, and I’m using Win10 with Oculus runtime 0.8.0. It is important that your DK2 be turned off. If it is on, there in nearly always a crash.

Looks like you are a step above. I see your (Maxxi’s) specs above. If anyone else is having success or problems with the 4.10 version, please let me know your specs.

Can you try hooking up the DK2 but leaving it off during a test?

Another general note. 4.10 updated the export movie dialog, and I did have some crashes with certain settings. Here’s what I’m using that is working for me. The output resolution should be set based on the res of the capture cubes and whether you used SBS or TopBot.

Another note… I’m updating to UE4 4.10.1 today.

So I tried the same file with my Oculus off on my Pc (win 7), it crashed after 100 frames.

I also asked a friend to test it ( same PC as me with win 10), failure as well.

It seems you did something special with your own PC!

Maybe If someone on this thread could confirm he was successful?

At least we would know if it is working anywhere other than your PC

Hey 3DLight your attachment seems broken.

Would love to get a 4.10.1 update.

Originally I was able to get 700 frames rendered but now I can’t seem to get past 20 without crashing maybe 100 tops. I’ve done nothing different - even a new project crashes.

This is a nice solution to implement quickly and with ease.

Unfortunatly I’m getting a lot of stitch error. I also noticed it crashed quickly when cubes were set to 2048px (Geforce 770 GTX 4gb)
Was wondering this solution doesn’t use AA, am i correct in this?

Considering your feedback on:

Does it mean this solution doesn’t have as static shadow / lightmap issue and less distortion in the back?

Hi , I also test your plug-in. thank you. Well , i point one kind of questions. How to makes camera animation ??

Wow 3dlight! Your example project and tutorial are extremely useful. Thanks again for this amazing contribution to the UE4 + VR communities!

Do you think it would be possible to take panoramas (stills only) via C++ at runtime? Spawn a scene capture cube (or just take screenshots from the cardinal directions), do the material blending, render to a texture, and then take a screenshot from the PanoCapture camera (using the HighResScreenshot function)? Does that seem viable to you?

Seems like it would definitely cause a performance hiccup, but it would be an awesome feature for players!

Just a note to anyone else who might be having issues with frequent crashes due to your sequence being too bonkers- try exporting as a PNG sequence instead of AVI. That way, you can keep the frames that you didn’t get to. You’ll have to bring your sequence into a video editor to push them back together, but it will save you time in the end. EDIT: Also, be sure to unplug any HMD that you might be using prior to starting your render.

Works great in the editor, crashes after a few frames while recording - even with an empty level with just the PanoCapture and PanoCamera in it.
(No HMD connected, Sequence exported as JPG, running 4.10.2 on Win 10 x64.)

Having some problems too using 4.10.2. Works OK in the PanoCam2 Project but when I´m migrating the files to another project and using them it almost instantly crasches, I can´t get more than 20-30 pictures before it shuts down. Using R9 390, 4690k, 16GB RAM, Windows 8.1 64bit

Same result as the two users above. The most frames I was able to grab was 22 frames and it just halts. I don’t think it officially, crahsed, but it’s just hung in an infinite loop like state. Thank you for all of your help and making this though. Determined to figure this out. My system specs: i7 4790, 32GB Ram, GTX 970 4GB Vram, Windows 7 64bit Pro. Tested with UE4.10.4.

How would I use this to render out top/bottom equirectangular stereo panorama ? Something like this: StereoVR - Google Drive