360 Panoramic Export Pipeline

The current implementation will eat your RAM and your dog.

I built a small “Export Object” plugin that can be used for exporting anything with a blueprint node.

I used it to render HDRs from scene capture cube actors on a matinee track to create 360 panoramic videos.

Also try watching the below demos on your smartphone using the app. You’ll be like “woah this **** is neat”

360 Panoramic Demos:
Use Chrome to be able to move around within the videos using your mouse or WASD

Original video: http://michaelallar.com/RTC_LeftEye.mp4
Environment is: https://www.unrealengine.com/content/6a77e6f8a31a45ad872f47a6c91df9a6

Environment is open world Kite demo assets


A “Stereoscopic” Gear VR version of the first demo is available here:

Want to do this yourself?


Check out the plugin and guide on my github.

This is not a clean and user friendly way to do this, but it does work. It will eat your RAM. I won’t be offering any form of official support for this.

Awesome! I’ve been looking for something like this to export to YouTube360. I’ve only ever seen one person do this in UE4 before but they had no contact info and didn’t post any doc.

Going to check out your plug-in now.

Great work and looks great, but the render times scare me :slight_smile:

Got it working. First time I’ve ever successfully compiled the source code. Kudos for the instructions. Will be bringing my Dubstep Dinosaurs to YouTube360 soon. Thanks Michael!

woah this **** is neat


I haven’t tried to get this working yet, but I wanted to come in here to thank you for putting this out there. I’ve been waiting for something like this for awhile!

Great, thank you so much! This is really useful !

Hi there, great work!
Is it support engine that built from source code only?
Did it work on blueprint only project file?
Thanks you.:smiley:

Hi Allar!
Just tried your plugin. Works, ate RAM couple times, cat’s fine though. Does it works with the post effects for you? Or anyone? Can’t get them to show :confused:

Yes and yes :slight_smile:

Great job!

Gotta try this out at some point :wink:

Works fine, but it’s crashing after the same number of frames with an out of memory error (my video memory is full all the time, but my RAM is fine). Apparently the captured frames stay stored in memory until the whole thing breaks. Did you, by any chance, see this error?


The current implementation will eat your RAM and your dog.

Love the plugin. Think I solved your RAM issues with some garbage collection blueprint additions. Added in a check that collects garbage after a user defined number of frames. Seems to keep the program running steadily, but might have some undesired effects if your scripts aren’t handling garbage collection correctly. I’ll make sure everything is stable and add it to your github in the next day or two. As for the dog, we’ll have to keep looking for a solution.

Ah, I haven’t messed with those garbage collection nodes yet. Those are most likely the best solution here. Thanks!

This is really cool. Is there a way to play the movie inside a UE4 game? A stereoscopic 360 degree video player for ue4?

Hello. I love your plugin. Works great but i have a problem. I tried to make simple 5 sec video just for test. But it only giving me couple frames, like 11. What am i doing wrong? btw im on 4.8


Are you running the plugin with the editor in benchmark mode? If you try to just run the plugin normally, UE4 will skip frames, but if you use benchmark mode it locks in the framerate you set.

Hi all

I m absolutely not a developper, but I need really this plug.

I tried to follow the explication video, but…

First, I download Code soruce of UE4, and I unzip all in a folder. I tried to click on GenerateProjectFile, without success : I ve an error message.
I tried to copy/past this content in different folder ( in my project folder, in UE4 Engine folder…) same result

After fews test I found a solution for rebuilt with other way ( generated Visual Studio File, and rebuild project in VS )

I can open my project, with the camera stereo, Left Eyes texture, Right eye etc… like a tutorial video.

But i don’t understand how to launch BenchmarkStereo for to generate the panoramic render…

Somebody can explain at a noob ? :confused:

thanks all !

[QUOTE=Ryan Winter;313519]

Ryan did you ever add you garbage collection setup to the github, can you share what you did here in an image?

Ryan I am running in Bench mark mode but I have a video texture in the scene and the frame rate on the video texture gets messed up can you by any chance look at a quick test using videos in your scene and retaining their frame rate? I would really appreciate your support.