.25 Draw Material to Render Target - not working?

If you don’t know how to do it this is the tutorial to follow:…res/index.html

in .25 I can’t get the BP to produce anything at all.

Works perfectly fine in .24 - Filing a bug report if I can’t find a tracker.

Report filed. Would love it if someone else can confirm this as a bug.
I can’t seem to get my reactive water to run at all in .25, haven’t bothered converting/loading content examples yet though.

Hi, just tried one of my old setups in 4.25 and it worked fine.

The blueprint


and the settings for the rendertarget

The scene capture shouldn’t have anything to do with it.
for me just the draw material node doesn’t work.

Guess ill try validating engine files…

That didn’t do anything. I have Virtual Texturing enabled. Maybe that’s what is causing the issue. Will need to try a new blank project to confirm that when I can.