Zoom in without moving camera

I want zoom in and zoom out functionality without moving the camera. If possible I also don’t want to put extra camera.
How do i do it ?

My original view

Split camera view in parts

Required Output


The most obvious solution would be calculating the center location of those green cells, turning the camera toward one (“look at”) and zoom in using the Field of view property of the camera.
However that would not result in exactly the look you show in the 3rd image because since that’s a cutout from the original picture and thus it’s perspective comes there too. The vanishing point is outside the picture which is a tricky effect to implement in realtime afaik, would probably need the modification of the render pipeline.

You can use a post processing effect which change the position and the scale of your UV coords.

Personnaly, I recommand you to use another camera in order to keep a good picture quality (nevermind, it depends of your needs).

For your example with my material, you have to use MinX = 0, MinY = 1/3, MaxX = 1/3, MaxY = 2/3.

Thanks for the answer. @ZoltanE