Zombie Ultra Game On GooglePlay


19th MAY 2017

Added 8 more lvls and counterstrike style weapon buying menu

Added touch sensitivity options to help with fps control on different size devices

Originally Game Had A Strategy Game Mode Involving Turrets But I Moved This To Its Own Game As The Pixelated Survival FPS fits this Game Theme Much Better By Itself…Link To Turrets Game Below



Old Video of fps testing with autofire rifle

Just Updated this game on googleplay with new UI…If anyone does try it out let me know what you think should be fixed/added, game is only in a very early stage at the moment

Hi WarpSpasm,

Tried this on my Xperia Z. I’d say a good concept, however I feel its a little bit slow-paced. Perhaps you can make it a bit fast-paced? and everytime I killed a zombie, I’ll get a some kind of cash to refill my turrets or to upgrade. I’d prefer for my turrets to auto-target and fire too XD, but perhaps that would be a lil bit generic I guess. Good luck and thanks!

Thanks heaps for trying it out, it helps me alot to get some feedback as I very quickly threw the gametype together after having the idea and thought ill see what comments I get to determine what ill add, so ill speed it up a bit and add some upgrades like auto target and a few others ill brainstorm based on a cash/score system…Im really impressed with 4.11s android performance so far did this using prev 3 + 4

Updated to Ue4 4.14 also added FPS gamemode with locational damage and blood decals

Cool game! Gonna try this one.

Just Updated Game

Added Ultimate Touch Components by @Acrossfy As FPS Controls

Ultimate Touch Controls greatly improved FPS controls

Added Extra FPS level 3 in total now more to come

Added Level Selection Menu for FPS mode

Converted Game To Pixelated Zombie Survival FPS details in OP any feedback much appreciated

I found your Google Play account but the only games I can download are Spixel and Cube Crawler. I have a a Galaxy Tab 3 with android 4.4.2.

I recently changed those two games to ATC texture format as this greatly reduces filesize and i noticed some devices were excluded, but if its excluding devices which are capable as yours probably is i might have to look into changing it back…

Does it say those game are not compatible with your device or they just dont show up at all?

They just don’t show up

Quite alot of galaxy tab 3s seem to be supported by the present apk and i assume it would say not compatible on your end if the texture format was the problem…I think it might actually be your classifiication settings as both the games that dont show up are marked as mature as they contain blood, the games should be available in every country unless your country has some rule about the blood, I suspect its the fact that those two games have blood but if you confirm thats not the case ill have to look into other areas as to why they dont show up

I didn’t find anything about the “rule” you talked about but anyway I just discovered my tablet supports only PVRTC and ETC1 textures.

Thanks for the info ill maybe do multiple apks supporting etc1 as well or switch to etc1 and revise the alpha textures, i wanted to avoid the build for all option as the apk and .obb are nearly 500mb which is way too big for most people to bother trying the game, i think 150mb is resonable for a decent sized lowpoly city map and 8 music tracks plus when i add more weapons its probably going to be an extra 30-40mb…thanks again for trying to play it this info is helping me alot

No problem

Have updated the game to use ETC1 so it should run on your device now…ATC was giving me just over 4000 devices and ETC1 is giving me over 13000…any feedback on what to add/how to improve the game is much appreciated

Sadly, the game lags too much and close itself while playing it. Did you turn off hdr? Did you set to static all the lights that don’t need to be set on stationary or moveable?
Btw the game size is about 200mb. If you haven’t already done that, check “cook package”.

I test on a nexus 7 2013 as my base(lowest) device and the game runs well on that, I still have hdr on(for the heightfog) but the other things you mention are done and there are no lights in the game only a skylight and height fog…Ill probably have to add a disclaimer that the game is for newer devices or keep limiting devices with texture format, I did notice there is a slight performance drop using ETC1 as opposed to ATC, I will experiment with a new lighting style and not using hdr in the next version and try to reduce the draw distance on the map for older devices im also using nativize blueprint assets, maybe its not optimized enough yet in 4.14 maybe its not even working on android lol although from the logs its being used…thanks for your testing, its invaluable to get some feedback as im planning to have a much more polished version of the game for 4.15

Good game! I’ll try this one.

Another Update To Game

Added New Brute Zombie Type which is harder to kill and always rushes player
Added Randomized Gore Elements and Alien Bugs that atatch on spawn to zombies
Optimized City Map and Nav Mesh and Lighting
Improved Spawning System
Added Health + Damage Indicators
Reduced App size
Changed from ETC1 texture format to ATC as I think ATC is a better fit for compatible devices to run game