Zombie PRO/Basic/Starter v27 - Is Your Vault getting the Update?


The MocapOnline Zombie PRO/Basic and Starter packs with IPC animations and blueprints have been on the Marketplace about a week now. But a couple of people who had already purchased the packs have reported not seeing the “Update Available” in their Launcher Vault - myself included.

Has anyone else seen the update notification and downloaded it? Has anyone else not seen the update notification?

Epic says everything is working on their end, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on and get the update to everyone.


Actually they are version 2.6, sorry for the typo.

The Vault “store” page shoes the updated description for the packs, but “Add to Project” still uses the old cached versions and no shows no notification there is a new version.
Anyone else having this problem? Lemme know…


I have 2.5 downloaded of Zombie PRO, and no option to Update to newest version.

A weird side note. The drop down that is attached to the “Add To Project” button, does not contain “Remove Local Content” and the drop down is not highlighted.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll keep bugging Epic for a fix. You guys deserve the update and new features ASAP.


You’re welcome, Motus Digital. Thank you for working so hard to get a fix.

I randomly got the new 2.6 pack content to download and Add to Projects 4.14-4.15 finally, but still no notification etc. Still waiting for Epic to get back to me.

We also upon opening the Project saw that all the Action key bindings were missing, and the DemoMap did not auto-load. Spoke with Jesse, realized the Config files we uploaded with the Project are all missing from the Vault download. No Config files at all. (?)
Another question for Epic. Until the download is fixed, anyone needing the missing defaultinput.ini let me know, doesn’t work without it. I can setup a download link.


[MENTION=37063]Motus Digital[/MENTION] - Hey, Cris. With a restart of the launcher, the drop down to remove local content reappeared, however, I can click on Add to Project and nothing will happen (still no “Update Available” appearing). So I removed local content. Then I made a visit to the marketplace Zombie PRO MoCap page in the launcher and I was able to add to project successfully. It is downloading now (I have DSL still, not so fast DL speeds) and I will edit this post to confirm it is 2.6 and if the configs are missing on the client end.

It downloads just fine and opens as it should, however, you’re correct, the config files are missing.

For face value, I can see I already LOVE the update. Thanks for your very hard work!


Epic has set the Zombie Packs in the Vault to full download, meaning they all say “Create Project” now and will install the complete Project with Configs.
We tested this on our end and it seems to work fine as it should - though since we already downloaded several times it took a bit of trickery to delete the current cache and get a clean install, not surprising.

We still don’t see an “Update Available” notification, but that is likely due once again the multiple wacky downloads already and it thinks we already “have it”.

Did you get the auto-notification for the new update in the Launcher?
Did you NOT get the auto-notification for the new update in the Launcher?
Did you download it 100% successfully complete with blueprint Configs?**

I realize forum posts (especially boring ones like this) get buried on page three a day and most folks don’t see them, but we need all our Zombie peeps out there to respond, it’s the only way we can give Epic Support reliable feedback, and you’re going to get these new updates you’ve been waiting for.

Please anyone, spread the word. Let us all embrace the flying Zombie Apocalypse.


Zombie PRO Pack is in ship shape! The launcher does not show “Update Available”. Like you said, that is because of the change from Add to Project to Create a Project. We’ll have to remove local content and re-download the pack.

Thanks Rallii for the verification so far. Now all we need is at least one(?) other Zombie owner to let us know they got it or not and if it worked or not. I got the impression more than one person bought the Zombie packs in the past year and a half…

[MENTION=37063]Motus Digital[/MENTION]. No problems. C’mon guys n gals, get your update, it is freaking amazing!

Epic reports everything looks ship shape on their end, now we need all you Zombie owners to let us know you’re getting the update.

They also set Starter back to “Add To Project” (since it is only animation assets), and I got an update notification for it today! Woohoo! :smiley:


Come on Zombie owners and check in, it is a big update, did you get it?


Bump, Hey Zombie owners…

Bump, Hey Zombie owners…

[MENTION=37063]Motus Digital[/MENTION]
Does your team have plans to also make this into an AI controller by chance?

That was Jesse’s or original plan, but hard to say when he’ll get to it. He’s telling me 2 to 4 weeks left on rifle controller. We have a few surprises with the Rifle as well…


Great, thank you, [MENTION=37063]Motus Digital[/MENTION], and Jesse! I think it might be time to buy the Rifle Mocap pack then :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Hi I’m really interested in getting this pack but I am unsure if the blueprints will work with the ai I’m using at the moment. (foot sliding and so on) so €115 is a bit to much to splash out if it doesn’t work given epics refund policy (There is none) so I’m thinking of buying the basic pack for €40 and if it doesn’t work well at least I have some nice animations to set up myself. Anyway on to my question. If the pack works perfectly for me and I want to get the pro pack is there any upgrade or discount option as the pro pack includes all the animations of the basic pack?

Hi I decided to bite the bullet and get the Pro pack. looks really nice. I’m having trouble with the animBp though. I tried putting it in my AI and it sayed stuck in the idle mode even when moving so I tested it using the default Epic 3rd person template and I am haveing the same issue. Take a look at the video below to see what I mean.

Hey tcla75,

This is Jesse’s (jtsmith) controller, so I will pass on the post to him for some input.
You can reach him directly as well at 3 Prong Gaming on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/ShortBusTrip - 3pronggaming@gmail.com

Sorry I can’t answer your question directly, I’m the animation guy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting the Zombie Pro pack BTW! We don’t have control with Marketplace sales, but on our store mocaponline.com we can give you an upgrade discount if you contact us first. We have more packs there as well that aren’t on the Marketplace yet. Just FYI for the future.