Zombie PRO/Basic/Starter v27 - Is Your Vault getting the Update?

Thanks for passing it on. I already bought the top tier pack so no need to upgrade. Good to know though.

Altering the code to work with AI then back again could have messed with its original functionality. Does the controller work straight out the box, unaltered? While the controller recognizes your moving by pushing you around the screen, the animBP isn’t recognizing movements for some reason.

Hi Jesse I didn’t alter the code in any way. you can try this yourself. Just take the animbp apply it to epics 3rd person player and you will get the above result.
Edit: just to be clear its the animbp that is not working. Is there something in the controller that stops the anim from playing properly if it isn’t used. I have my own controller so I just want the animbp to work with the AI. Again I did not make any modifications to the animBP when I used it with epics 3rd person template.

Actually even with the player controller still in it won’t work. In the below video you can see me use the zombie pro project itself, use the player pawn you created and the animation working. Then I add a 3rd person template swap the mesh and BP for yours and the animation doesn’t work so there is something stopping that ABP_DemoPlayable (except for the idle animation) from working with other actors, AI or player controlled.

tcla75, you need to edit the animation blueprint event graph. As default its casting character variable as BP_ZompiePlayable and also controller is set as PC_DemoPlayeable. Just make new variables and casting to replace the needed.

I can see that now in the event graph. What would I do with the controller in the BP? Obviously I can’t use that for A.I.